Dads of the Lou: Anthony Slaughter of KSDK Channel 5

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While his passion is meteorology, Anthony Slaughter’s purpose is being a single dad to his twin boys.

1.) Where were you born? Tell us about your hometown, where you went to school, and your family.

I was born in Brockton, Massachusetts, just south of Boston. I actually grew up in St. Louis, though, in North County, to be exact. I attended Ladue & Hazelwood School Districts, graduated from Hazelwood East, and eventually went on to Mizzou in Columbia, MO. I have one little sister and five other brothers. I also have 19 nieces and nephews and twin boys of my own.

2.) How did you get into meteorology?

I was very young when I discovered an interest in meteorology, roughly 6- or 7-years-old. Honestly, it’s been the only thing that I haven’t gotten bored with over the years.

3.) Tell us how you became a dad!

Becoming a dad is my most proud accolade. I decided to adopt my little cousins on my mom’s side when I heard they were in foster care. I also found out that they had some breathing issues when they were born. They were roughly 5 months old when I really started considering it. By the time they were 14 months, they had been placed with me. That was six years ago!

4.) What are some of the joys of being a single dad? And the hard parts?

The joys of being a single dad mostly come in phases. Seeing how sweet they can be, especially when unprompted. Watching them develop into their own little personalities and finding out what each of them is gifted in. That’s been very fun to watch! The hard parts come mostly when I’m too exhausted to enjoy much of anything…it’s in those moments when I know I have to recharge and reboot.a single dad with his two sons on a hill in front of the Golden Gate Bridge

5.) How do you juggle parenting and your job?

How do I juggle my job and parenting? A  LOT OF HELP! I have a ton of family here and plenty of help on a day-to-day basis. Its great having family to help!

6.) What’s your favorite STL spot with your kids? And your favorite spot without kids?

Fave STL spot with kids: My kids love the magic house, so their happiness is mine in this instance. Fave spot without the kids: any place with a pool/patio and a good drink with nice weather, not too much to ask, right?

7.) What has surprised you most about fatherhood?

The biggest surprise about fatherhood is just how hard it can be somedays. My parents always made it look so easy….

8.) Do you feel like there is solid support and community to be found in our city for dads? Where do you see that?

I don’t know if there is solid support or community here in STL for local dads. I have only been back for about three years now and am still finding my way, but I have not noticed a large presence if there is one. I feel like there are plenty of resources for parents, but not necessarily dads or single dads.

9.) What is your passion or cause?

My passion is obviously the weather. As I get older, my cause is connected to the great love I have for St. Louis and the places where I grew up. Now that I’m older, I see the importance of giving back and helping those who may not have a vision or passion for life—first in my family, and I pray that my platform on KSDK Channel 5 will also offer that voice for people who feel different or left out. I didn’t always have the “good life,” I had my fair share of struggles, but now that I’ve made it through, I can help others with similar struggles, whether it’s something simple like discovering a new talent or finding their passion for life. I hope to be that beacon of light that the world and our community needs so badly right now. 

Anthony Slaughter has always had a love for meteorology ever since he was a little kid. Growing up in St. Louis, he was the family’s designated weather watcher, alerting them of dangerous weather in and even out of the area. From the Flood of ’93 to epic snowstorms in the winters, weather in St. Louis has always captivated him.

Anthony is currently the morning meteorologist for Today in St. Louis on 5 On Your Side. He has been back on-air at KSDK for 3 1/2 years now, after spending 5 years in San Francisco Bay. Anthony also holds a new title, dad – of twin boys, who are now 7 years old!

His weather career started in mid-Missouri at KOMU, during his junior year as weekend weather anchor. After spending a couple of years there, he came to KSDK as the weekend meteorologist. Most recently, he was the weekend meteorologist in San Francisco Bay at NBC Bay Area. 

Anthony values his family for giving him the solid foundation, always pushing him to follow his dreams, and never give up. He graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia with his degree in Environmental Science. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his kids, lounging on the beach, traveling, just being outdoors, and challenging himself in the gym. He also loves good music! 


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