Come to the 2018 South Grand Chalk Walk


I live right off of South Grand, and I love raising my kids in this neighborhood. We can walk to the amazing Tower Grove Park, get lunch at Steve’s Hot Dogs, and grab ice cream cones from the Creamery before circling back home. We love being surrounded by so many different cultures and experiences. One of our favorite South Grand events is happening in October—the Chalk Walk! 

On Saturday, October 13, South Grand will host its third annual Chalk Walk. The first event drew about 25 artists, and last year it doubled to 50. This year, we can expect it to be even more exciting as the Walk put out a call for signature artists. These artists will be paid to create pieces of chalk art for the day’s events. I can’t wait to see what local artists Kelly Burris, Terry Hinkle, Alex Johnmeyer, and Ori Tala have in store for us! 

The sidewalks of South Grand will be blooming with color. Artists of all levels of expertise will create beautiful and inspiring works of art. They can evenbe eligible to win some of the $650 of prize money or gift cards for their entry! 

The event is family friendly, with artist age groups of 0-11, 12-17, and 18+. My daughter (then 6) participated last year and spent more than two hours dedicatedly creating her large landscape entry. Then we got to walk around and enjoy so many beautiful drawings. These were some of our favorites: 

If you have a little artist who wants to contribute but doesn’t want the pressure of a full sidewalk tile to fill, there is also a community mural that everyone can add to! 

After taking in the beautiful art, be sure to enjoy some of the delicious food all along South Grand. It’s really a fun way to spend a day. Registration is open for artists until October 1, so you can come and create art of your own or just enjoy the beautiful drawings. Hope to see you there!