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With the blustery winter weather that’s blowing through comes a stark reminder that the holidays are right around the corner.  Nothing says love during this time of year quite like spending time with those you care about, sharing holiday meals.
Burgers’ Smokehouse has you covered, with everything from gourmet gift ideas for those on your list to quick, delicious meals for your own family. Burgers’ Smokehouse is a Central Missouri based company that spans generations.  Staunch family roots provide the foundation for their business, and nothing brings them joy like sharing their family values with your family. So celebrate all season and beyond with Burgers’ Smokehouse!

Effortless Holiday Meals

This time of year brings families and friends together. Having tasty gourmet options on hand allows you to effortlessly pull together a satisfying snack or meal for your guests. Also, when you let Burgers’ Smokehouse do the work, you are gifted with more time with those you cherish.  Try their Holiday Buffet package which provides boneless turkey breast and a mini boneless ham, both sliced for your convenience, and a homemade honey ham glaze. Pair this with slider buns and condiments, and you have a yummy feast to share. Wrap up your meal with a dessert buffet, including a Party Sampler with a variety of cheesecake flavors, an Apple, Cherry, or Pumpkin Pie, and even a simple, sweet Carrot Cake.

For your holiday meals, Burgers’ Smokehouse has you covered.  Delectable meals are easily prepared with an impressive menu of entrees including many family favorites.

Beyond the entrees, your meals will balance everything from the main course to sides and desserts. You will spend much less time in the kitchen, allowing you to spend more time with those you love, all the while offering a gourmet alternative.  Pair your entree with these comforting dishes:

Around the holidays, and all year round, when you find yourself wanting to provide meals for your friends, the variety that Burgers’ Smokehouse offers combined with their pledge to use only the finest ingredients makes gifting meals a breeze.

Gift Ideas for Others

Imagine the joy you will bring to the sports lovers on your list as they celebrate all season, or during football season. They can cheer on the Missouri Tigers as they dig into these fun food finds: 

Whether tailgating or watching the big game at home, these dishes will make fans go wild. Go Tigers!

For the foodies on your holiday list, you will find something for everyone:

The adventurous eaters on your list will thoroughly enjoy Frog Legs or Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Smoked Quail. The options are endless, so whether you want a full meal, a gift idea, or even flavorful side dishes and desserts to bring to a holiday pot-luck, Burgers’ Smokehouse has thought of everything. The quality ingredients that they cultivate and the attention to flavor as they craft their gourmet offerings will make these gifts among the most appreciated.

The holidays are about togetherness, and Burgers’ Smokehouse brings food and family together seamlessly.  They will help you keep your holiday to-do list in check by offering personal and corporate gifts, and gourmet foods to simplify the busiest of seasons.  Savor the time with those you care about, and make this holiday season a memorable one.

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