Candy Overload! What To Do With Excess Halloween Candy


Halloween is behind us, so now our homes are filled with sugary treats.  Besides eating your kid’s Halloween candy after they go to bed or in the bathroom where they can’t find you, we have some excellent ideas on what to do with all the treats.

  • Trade sweets for activity with The Lodge at Des Peres! Bring a pound of Halloween candy to exchange and receive a free kid admission to the open swim session November 1. 


  • Healthworks Kids’ Museum is hosting a candy exchange November 3rd.



  • Bless our troops with delicious treats.  Soldier’s Angels hosts a “Treats For Troops” event where you can search local business who will take the candy to send overseas. (Side note-donate non-melty candy for shipping purposes.)


  • Donate candy to local nursing homes, homeless shelters or food pantries. 


  • Share the wealth with your coworkers!  What looks more inviting than placing a big bowl of candy on your desk for your office mates?


  • Have your kids make goodie bags for public servants.  What mail carrier wouldn’t appreciate a bag of goodies when delivering your mail? And don’t let the surprises stop there, garbage and recycling workers, lawn crews, teachers, the sky’s the limit!


  • Think ahead to gingerbread house making season.  Store smaller candies to use for decorations in a few months!


  • Trade it! Know a kiddo with food allergies? Have your kids trade candy with them so they can enjoy more!


  • Have a birthday party coming up? Save the candy to fill a piñata! 


  • Cook with it.  What kid wouldn’t want M&Ms in their Saturday morning pancakes or homemade cookies?


  • Use excess candy for math practice.  Smaller candies are perfect to use as “counters.”  And smaller kids can practice sorting, counting and colors.  


  • Utilize the wrappers for crafts! 


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