“Smart” Ways to Make Your Home Life Easier


My tech-expert husband has made it his mission to fill our home with the best smart home products to help streamline our lives.  God bless him.  

The streaming devices we have on all our TVs are great, as are the video monitors we have for our kid’s rooms, and on our front door.  But I just don’t feel as though we’re using them to their full potential as we turn on the “Planes” movie for the hundredth time this week, you know?  So what’s a mom to do when she’s stuck using the most up-to-date technology for literal child’s play?

She researches! And figures out how her smart devices can work together.  Work smarter, not harder, right?

The Best Smart Home Products For Moms

Smart Doorbell

Now we have a standard home doorbell and a *very* ferocious 18 pound dog who alerts us to any and all movement outside our home. But he’s not going to tell us if the person outside is a delivery person, or the very persistent home improvement company who seems to think my home needs updates.  Enter the Ring Video Doorbell.  The second someone rings my doorbell, I’m alerted on my phone and can see and interact with who is standing on my porch. 

 Smart Thermostat

Moms don’t have time to be messing with their home’s thermostat in attempts to maximize energy savings.  The Google Nest Learning Thermostat is the perfect smart home device to not only find the sweet-spot in terms of lowering your bills, but keeping your home comfy. And who wouldn’t want to be able to control their thermostat while away from home? There’s nothing worse than coming home from a trip to an uncomfortably hot or frigid house. 

Smart Hub

Google’s Nest Hub not only brings all your smart home devices together to control them from a central location, it also syncs with the calendar from your phone! This thing is COOL. At first glance, it’s a fancy way to display your most recent photos, but then it speaks to you, and reminds you to pick up your kids from dance class, and that they both need sack lunches for a field trip at school tomorrow. Wow. Your own personal assistant.  What mom couldn’t use an extra set of hands?

Putting It All Together: Introducing OnTech

You’ve purchased or have more questions about which smart home products are perfect for your family.  What now?

DISH Home Services, known for exceptional satellite TV installations and repair, expanded to include a wide range of other in-home tech related services.  The newly named OnTech is here to make your home’s transition to a smarter tech lifestyle a breeze.  Everything from selecting and purchasing products, installing, syncing and providing personalized tutorials on how to seamlessly integrate your new tech to your home is just some of what OnTech can offer.  Think of them as your personal tech-mentor, ready to help you enter the futuristic world of smart homes.

Maybe your home is well connected already, but grandma’s house could use some help on the tech side? Send OnTech over to get her connected with a Google Nest Hub to keep fresh grandkid pictures up, send her voice reminders about family get togethers and more.       

Get and stay connected with OnTech!

This post was sponsored by OnTech, they make the Smart Home simple.
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