Call Your Mom! : A Public Service Announcement


Time slips by so quickly; a simple reminder to call your mom can bridge the gaps that spring up in our busy lives.


This is a public service announcement. When was the last time you called your mom?

I’ve been guilty in the past of being too busy, too preoccupied, or too wrapped up in my own stuff to consistently call my mom. I’m so much better at it now because I’m intentional about it. We’ve finally gotten to a place where I can say we are mother and daughter, but also friends. But it took consistency on my part to arrive at this place.

I laughed a little too hard watching Governor Andrew Cuomo and CNN anchor Chris Cuomo arguing with each other on live television about who was their mother’s favorite. Chris, pestering his older brother with repeated requests that he call their mother, was the icing on the cake. But that’s an age-old conflict, right?

Have you called your mother today?

This week?

This month?

A text just will not do. It’s not the same. She wants to hear from you.

Don’t get me wrong … the gifts are great. The gadgets and the photos you send are wonderful. But in this time of social distancing especially, take advantage of the slower pace of life to pause to make it personal. She needs to know that you care.

Around the 1920s, telephones became commonplace. Since then, we’ve had the ability to reach out to our loved ones near and far. Bonus 2020 update – long-distance rates no longer apply on most cell phone plans! Plus, if you want to get fancy with it, you can call her and see her at the same time!

Let’s get back to basics!

How about you stop right here, take a pause and pick up the phone and call her. If your mother is still living and you can reach out, why not? Why not make her day and tell her that you were just thinking about her? Tell her something you appreciate about her now or something impactful you remember from your childhood. Think of it as sustenance for the future of your relationship.

Call your mom, even if you aren’t sure what to say. Make her day. It might even make yours.

Bonus points if you remind your spouse/significant other to call their mom too!

Extra bonus if you put the grandkids on the phone or video chat and let them ramble on about their day and show off their hobbies and craft projects!

Happy calling!


an image of a yellow phone on a wooden side table near a blue couch serving as a reminder to call your mom
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash