Caffeinating with Madrinas Coffee!


If there’s anything moms could use more of, (besides sleep!) it’s caffeine! 

Rebekah and I were introduced to St. Louis based company, Madrinas Coffee, at the St. Louis Earth Day Festival this past April.  We tried a few samples and were HOOKED.   

The 16 oz cans (that’s bigger than a standard soda can, FYI!) are vanilla, caramel, mocha, or cappuccino flavored, and are the perfect portable pick-me-up anytime of the day.  The fair trade, organic and cold brewed coffees go down smooth and taste AMAZING.  

Madrinas also sent some medium roast whole bean coffee.  My husband is the coffee master in our home, so he whipped up a delicious Chemex of Madrinas “Side Quest” blend and I made myself a delicious iced coffee with the fresh brew. We were both a little disappointed when we were out of beans! 

We asked a few of our lucky writers to try them out, and this is what they had to say.

Our writer Ashley caffeinated while chasing a toddler! #momskills 

“I am known for forgetting coffee cups all around the house. So, when I tried the Madrinas iced coffee and it tasted the same after sitting on my counter for 30 minutes while I chased a toddler, I was impressed! The Cafe Mocha is by far my favorite flavor. With just enough chocolate and the perfect amount of caffeine it is now my go-to iced drink. The fact that it’s a fair trade product is also super important to me (and should be for others who care about equality, too) so that’s a bonus with the fact that it is locally owned. The can has two servings, so I was able to drink half and save the other half in a sealed cup for a pick me up later in the day. It’s the perfect amount and perfect taste whether you need your usual caffeine drink or just a little sip of something sweet.”

Busy mom of three, Amy caffeinated while packing for a big trip.

“I love trying new products and all things coffee , so I was thrilled to be given the chance to try out Madrinas Coffee. I cracked open a can of the Cafe Caramel on a recent Friday morning when I was running around and trying to get my family packed up for a lake weekend. I was in need of some serious fuel to get the packing party started, and Madrinas delivered. I love that it is made with fair trade coffee and REAL ingredients (just cold brewed coffee, milk, sugar and natural flavorings), right here in St. Louis. The only real downside for me was that at 40 grams of sugar per can, it is a tad more indulgent for an everyday option (still have to have my hot cup ‘o joe in the AM!), but at 15 ounces a can, you could definitely portion it out, and a light option would be perfect! I’ve already stocked my cooler with the rest of the flavors, and I’m looking forward to trying them (Mocha, Vanilla and Cappuccino). Here’s hoping the caffeine kick will get me through the four hour drive to the lake!”

Full-time working momma Aimee used Madrinas Coffee to fuel up for full days of working and momming!

“The cold brew mocha was tasty. I poured it over ice and took it on the road for work. I like that the milk is hormone and fat free since I rarely drink milk.

I didn’t feel jittery since it’s natural caffeine. I would like a single serve option since the cans are 2 serving sizes but I’d try other flavors for sure.”

Rebekah shares-

My whole adult life, I’ve attempted to drink black coffee and I just cannot do it. The taste lingers in my mouth and the bitterness churns my stomach for hours. I’ve always been a cream, sugar and vanilla syrup kind of girl. Since becoming a mother, I rely on caffeine probably far too more than I should, and I’m always looking for drinks that shake things up a bit! When I stumbled upon the Madrinas tent at the Earth Day Festival in Forest Park this year, I was pleasantly surprised when we were offered a sample! I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve tried all the flavors and Cafe Mocha comes out on top for me. It’s sweet without being too sweet! I love to treat myself once a week, and given it’s fair trade, organic, AND local, that’s a product that will always make me come back for more!

St. Louis Moms Blog was graciously gifted a box of Madrina's Coffee in exchange for reviews from our writers.
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