Bringing Hogwarts to Life: A Magical Fusion of Music & Movie at Powell Hall


This content is sponsored by our partner, The St. Louis Symphony, but all opinions are based on the author’s personal experience. 

This past Friday evening, my daughter and I attended a special showing of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at Powell Hall. When you think of going to the movies, you don’t necessarily think of going to where the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra plays. However on Friday night, Powell Hall transformed itself into this amazing fusion of music and movies. I have been in love with Harry Potter since I was in elementary school, but Friday night was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for any Harry Potter fan! This showing of Harry Potter was extra special because as the movie was being projected on a huge screen, the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra was performing all of the movie’s music live to picture. 

You know how sometimes people like to argue about whether the book is better than the movie or vice versa? I honestly have always been in love with both the books and the movies of the Harry Potter series. One of the things that I have always truly enjoyed about the movies though is their music. Fans of Harry Potter are so invested in the storyline itself, and the music in all of the movies helps us connect on a deeper, more emotional level to the story we love so much. The music is what truly brings those movies to life. So to be able to hear the movie’s music played live by the best of the best in St. Louis? Definitely magical. 

Powell Hall itself is such a beautiful place, and it was full of excited Harry Potter fans on Friday night – many even in costume. My daughter and I stood in line to get some snacks (they even have concessions like a normal movie theater), and enjoyed watching people head to their seats wearing their “House colors”. We then made our way into the theater as well, and I had to snap a quick pic of the stage. This was actually my first time at Powell Hall, and I was just so impressed with the symphony itself. As the conductor came out to address the audience, I put my phone away and truly took advantage of this unique experience. For a few hours I was able to escape reality and head to Hogwarts, and my experience was definitely enhanced thanks to the beautiful melodies of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. I will definitely be returning in March when they have Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 in concert




  1. What an awesome way to see a favorite movie! I can think of so many movies that would be so artfully enhanced by having a live symphony providing the music.

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