Boo: You’ve Been Ghosted


Hello fellow mom. Are you busy? Me too. Do things come up out of nowhere for you? Me too. Do you make commitments that you wish you wouldn’t have? ME TOO. Life is insane most of the time!


New title, same old tricks. Since when did it become okay to “flake out” on things?  I have been in the recruiting world for nearly 12 years. Finding the candidates, conducting interviews, facilitating the interview/hiring process and then BAM…this wonderful individual that I put my stamp of approval on “ghosts” me. Same thing is true in everyday life.

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Motherhood is a sisterhood. A tribe. A community. We are all in this together! So come on girl, be accountable for your actions. DON’T BE A GHOST!

Here are some ways to not fall privy to the “ghosting” fad:

  1. Respond to the person asking for your help/asking you to do something! Don’t ignore people. If your friend wants to grab brunch but you aren’t feeling it, say it (in a kind and compassionate way of course!)                                                                                          Image result for ghosting meme
  2. Just say NO. Don’t commit. There is power in saying no.
  3. Be honest. Don’t be afraid to be transparent and honest. Too much on your plate? That’s okay! Others will likely understand. Be honest!
  4. Give an alternative. No time for a play date this week? Give a couple of other dates as options.
  5. Be courageous. If you aren’t jiving with someone or something, that’s cool. Address it and be strong.Image result for ghosting meme
  6. Don’t leave someone hanging. Don’t push off a response and drag someone along. Trust your gut (and your other obligations) from the beginning. If Tuesdays are an awful day for you to meet up with someone, don’t try to make it work if you know it’s not going to work!
  7. Call someone out. If you are on the other side of ghosting (the one being ghosted), don’t be afraid to approach the situation. It doesn’t have to be hostile. Seek to understand the reason for ghosting.
  8. Don’t make it a pattern. Sometimes life happens and communication is hard. Everyone deserves a “get out of jail free” card every once in a while, but don’t make “flaking out” a pattern, personally or professionally.                                                                      Image result for ghosting meme
  9. Extreme circumstances are okay! Things come up. Last minute meetings happen. Communicate with the other party as soon as possible so they can find someone else to fill the spot.                                                              
  10. Set an example! We have kids! They are future of this place. Set an example by owning up to something or someone.

Others are relying on YOU (and you on them). And others will rely on your kid(s) someday. Can we just squash this whole “ghosting” trend now?

Have you ever been “ghosted”? How did it make you feel?