On Becoming A Side Gig Mom

I remember one day, while scrolling through Facebook, I read a post about “working from my phone.” It said, you’re on Facebook anyways, why not make your time more purposeful? Hmmm….interesting idea. The seed was planted and I began thinking about a “work from phone” side gig that would fit my personality and values. It took years, but I finally found a fit with Juice Plus. I have to be honest … it’s awesome. I am finding that I can reclaim little bits of time here and there. Last week, when I took an order while supervising my son in the tub, I realized I was on to something. Using text, messenger, Facebook, Instagram, Zoom, Voxer and blogging, all from my phone, I’m able to connect with others and promote the mission of a company that I am truly passionate about. I get a discount on products we love and use anyways, and I’m able to help others who have similar needs. That, my friends, is what you call a fit.   
I’m not alone either. The side gig economy is growing, and more and more people are adding an additional income stream. It’s not just the SAHM crew either. Many professionals are seeing the value of having more than one source of income. I have found a fit in sales, but other friends have picked up work in consulting, flipping yard sale items and kids clothing, teaching English to kids in China through Skype, making stationery, running a small-scale catering business, sewing, consulting, blogging – the list goes on and on.  There are so many possibilities that really,  anybody can have a side gig. 
Starting something new takes courage.  I had to decide if I was ready to cross that line from casual Facebook poster to promoting a mission on social media.  I worked through common fears, such as: “What will people think? Will I annoy or alienate friends? Will people unfollow or unfriend me?”  Ultimately, a much stronger voice was telling me to go for it.  I just kept thinking about how many people I could potentially help and how much the nutrition of my family has improved through these products.  So far, with humor and a laid back attitude, conversations seem to be going really well.  I’m glad I took the risk.   
While my focus right now is my home and children, having a business to pour into as well has been really fulfilling. I am growing and being stretched in new ways. I have met a community of healthy, creative, motivated and positive dreamers who are making a difference. The whole endeavor has been challenging and energizing. I am then able to bring that energy to the creative work of motherhood. It is also creating a need for me to be more organized and goal oriented. That is helping me to establish better routines with my children, home management and personal life as well. All in all – this little side gig is breathing life into a new season of motherhood for me.