Be The House The Kids Keep Coming Back To On Halloween


Halloween has long been our favorite holiday. It’s my husband’s birthday and the most fun holiday for all ages. Plus, it’s usually over before 9pm which is when this witch prefers to be in bed.  When it comes to trick or treating, we try to give our visitors more than just a handful of fun-size Milky Ways. Last year, we had kids changing their costumes trying to get us to believe they hadn’t stopped by yet! If you have the time, here are some great ideas for standing out on your street this Halloween.

Make them play for it!

We have a Plinko board and instead of just handing out random candy, we have the kids play for their candy. Certain colors mean larger candy bars. This can get a little crazy, but we have a blast seeing how excited everyone gets. You can do this with a ring-toss game or something similar. 

Skip the candy.

I know there are tons of posts about skipping the candy so I will keep it short. I am 30 years old and I still remember walking to the big, blue house on the corner every year. They didn’t give out candy, they gave out certificates for McDonald’s cheeseburgers! I searched and this isn’t an option anymore, but you can do all kinds of things. Coupons, play-doh, all kinds of fun junk from the Dollar Store. I think if you go this route, you have to have a variety. Even if they’re just cheap little toys, the kids will enjoy getting to pick their prize.

Stay awhile.

Grab a load of hay bales, cover them in blankets and light a fire. Welcome people to stay and hang. Even better if you have snacks and drinks. Leave a pile of Halloween books for kids or even mini pumpkins with markers and stickers for decorating. 

Warm up.

Places like Paper Source or maybe even Target have the disposable coffee cups with lids in festive finishes. These are from You can offer cider or hot chocolate if it’s a cool night. If you want to take it one step further, have the cups custom made with your name or address so visitors remember their favorite stop!

Happy Hosting!

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