Backyard Activities: Top 10 “Amazon Prime” Ways To Shake Up Summer


With families staying home, these backyard activities can save your sanity this summer!


two children running through a garden sprinkler, one of summer's best backyard activitiesHere are my Top 10 Amazon Prime backyard activities to keep your kiddos busy over the next few months. With summer on the horizon (yay!) and more time spent at home, you will want to fill your virtual cart and click Buy Now! Most of these items are kid-tested and approved by my very own assistants, who are 4 and 5.

Note: These also make great birthday gifts!



Rocket Launcher

This was gifted to my kids by a close friend. I knew they would love it, but I didn’t know how much they would love it! This thing keeps them engaged, excited, and is fun for mom and dad, too (my husband is the coolest because he can shoot it the highest!).


Bounce House

close up of a little boy playing on an inflatable bounce house


While this is a little more expensive, I can assure you that it is a crowd-pleaser. It’s easy to put up and also to take down. We use it for birthday parties, backyard bbq gatherings, and have also blown it up in the basement on a rainy day!


Inflatable Pool

While this may seem obvious, I would highly encourage you to invest in a blow-up pool that adults can use too. Find me posting up at this thing during naptime (and look at those reviews!)!


Bunch O Balloons Filler

Who has time to fill up water balloons one by one? This tool/toy gets the kids involved in the prep work and makes the “before” process so much simpler!


Water Blasters

enjoying summer backyard activities, this little girl in a striped swimsuit squirts a water blaster

We buy a new pack of these every year. They are great for the pool, a good ol’ fashioned water gun fight, OR…putting your kids to work (aka-watering the plants!).


Bug Catcher Nets

These are so fun for catching fireflies on summer nights, one of our favorite backyard activities!


Snow Cone Maker

We love making snow cones on a hot summer afternoon. Tip: If you don’t want to use the syrups, try it with your favorite lemonade or juice!


Giant Bubbles

representing summer backyard activities, a close up of a giant bubble maker crafting a huge bubble against the backdrop of green leaves

Don’t come at me for this one. Bubbles are basically a bad word in our house. BUT…these are fun, giant, and way cooler than traditional bubbles!


Old School Sprinkler

There are a ton of fancy sprinklers out there that appeal to parents of young kids. But…if you don’t have a sprinkler system built into your yard, I would advise getting a throwback sprinkler for the kids to run in. Fewer parts than the fancy ones and typically more durable.


Aqua Drawing Mat

Throw this on the driveway or in the grass and let your kids enjoy creating outside!


I hope these items keep your little ones busy over the next few months. What are your favorite summer backyard activities for your family?


a rainbow sno-cone in a purple cup