Adoption Weaves a Family Together : A Journey to Motherhood


Adoption can weave a family together and tighten the threads across generations.


This is my third Mother’s Day with my daughter, and it blows me away how awesome being a mom really is. Don’t get me wrong; there are times I want to cry with frustration, exhaustion, stress, and so many other emotions. But there is something about that little voice calling you mom that just melts your heart. I never thought I would be a parent, and even after I met my husband, we both said we did not want kids. Time passed, and we realized that maybe we would like to add to our family. Fast forward a year, we were presented with the opportunity to foster our daughter, who was just five days old. A year later, we adopted her, and it has been the most amazing experience. I wouldn’t say every day is rainbows and unicorns, but the struggles are worth the reward.

One thing I didn’t know would happen was the bond my daughter has with my mother. My mother was adopted at a very young age and never knew her birth parents. She never wanted to know and didn’t speak about it too often. My mom was terrified with us taking our daughter in to foster. Not knowing if we were eventually going to have the opportunity to adopt was a fear we all shared.


a first birthday celebration with a grandma, a mom, and a daughter


I honestly feel in my heart that my mother loves the fact that we adopted our daughter instead of trying to go the traditional route. This is a similarity they share that she will be able to talk to and relate to my daughter about as she gets older. My daughter absolutely loves her grandma and knows she is always there to protect and love her. My mother will be able to explain feelings about adoption and how she felt when she first learned she was adopted. I am hoping this will help us when we explain to our daughter about her adoption.

I am so thankful to have my mother and how amazing she has been with my daughter. From day one, my mother has always treated her as her grandchild, and I am so blessed that she loves my daughter and me the way she does. Being family doesn’t always have to be by blood and my mother is a great example of that. It’s my third mother’s day, but my mom has had many, and she continues to be the strongest, most loving mother and grandma I know. We love you, Mom!