New Year, New Round of Birthdays – Keep It Simple


Planning birthdays doesn’t have to be an ordeal! These tips show you how to keep it simple.


A new year is upon us, and so is the next round of birthdays. If you want to celebrate your little sprout, I urge you to Keep. It. Simple. You’ll be happy you did when it comes to planning, spending, and cleaning it up. 


one happy birthday girl
She is one happy birthday girl. She won’t remember how many decorations were hung, she will remember who came to celebrate with her and how much fun she had. 


In the times of a pandemic and a surge in all kinds of other illnesses in the cold winter months, when it comes to celebrating birthdays, less is more. Here’s how:


Shorten the guest list.


If last year, the-year-that-shall-not-be-named, has taught us anything about priorities, the people we value most might look like a much smaller circle than we thought. And that’s ok! Virtual video calls during the party is also a safe way to celebrate birthdays long-distance and might spare some of your favorite adults from the headache of too much sugar and happily chirping children afoot.


Don’t feel pressured to serve a meal. 


Birthday table layoutFor moms like myself who aren’t super talented in the kitchen or don’t want to factor in a full-course meal budget for one event, small snacks are plenty. Pro-tip #1: offer snacks and desserts that are already pre-portioned and pre-packaged (chip bags, fruit cups, juice boxes, bottled waters, cupcakes, gummy packs, etc. Tailor these items to the age ranges of your mini guests). Pro-tip #2: Host your events in between mealtimes. If a birthday party starts at 2, the little ones are most likely to arrive sans grumbling tummies. Plus, I’ve never met a little one who didn’t like a portable snack.


Budget-friendly decor! 


This one is high on my list of the things I make sure to stock up on. The color choices and patterns help me to bring the theme of the birthday party together. Dollar stores’ tablecloths, napkins, cups, utensils = lifesavers! If you should feel the need, double layer the tablecloths. One spares your precious table surfaces; the other is a top-line barrier for possible spills- liquids and solids alike. AND both double as an easy-to-gather trash bag at the end of your event. There’s no sentimental attachment to any of those items; they were only a dollar! Mix and match for a unique color scheme, and you’re good to go. 


Goody bags can go a long way. 


Fun and simple items for goody bags can go a long way
Part of the party planning fun is filling up the goody bags with my girl. Simple, fun items for each of her friends.

I love that they are also totally customizable. Put in items that carry your theme. Or add in goodies that are just fun for your age ranges. Some fan favorites include unsharpened pencils, small notepads, stickers, costume jewelry, mini bubbles, candy bracelets, chocolate pops, little figurines. Use colorful ribbons or tulle to tie them shut. Make the goody bags as part of your birthday table decor. Display them in a cute basket or tray near the dessert and see your theme come together.


But most importantly, have fun with it! Simple is the best, stress-free way to party planning in this coming year.