5 Mom Lessons Learned from the Global Pandemic


COVID-19 has thrown a curveball at moms and changed how we parent. What pandemic lessons have you picked up along the way?


The pandemic has taught us all many things about ourselves and life in general. Here are a few things that I learned as a mom during this time:

A mom learned pandemic lessons as she shows a photo of her two kids with bulk toilet paper and snacks.


Always have too much Toilet Paper.

When I bought the two giant packages of toilet paper on sale at Sam’s Club in November, I thought, “This may be overkill.” I will never question my keen toilet paper sale judgment again.


Cheez-its are breakfast food.

When your son is on breakfast number two at 9 am because he got up at 6, you’re like, “Whatever man. I’ll allow it if you let me nap for 10 minutes.” We have gone through 3 giant boxes of single-serve Cheez-It bags.


The car wash is the new Six Flags.

No attractions open? No problem. We have a car wash with the multi-color soap.


My career as a TikTok Video star looks promising.

All I’m saying is that there is one more social media platform available now that I will be able to embarrass my children with.


I still need my mommy.

After 8 weeks of doing the quarantine on my own with my husband working his full load and then some, I waved the white flag and called my mom. She rode in like a knight on a white horse, except it was my mom in a silver Ford Explorer. My laundry is now caught up, and my kids don’t have to tell me to shower anymore.