5 Easy Ways to Make Your Own Valentines


Are you looking for a DIY valentine card project? If you need a non-candy valentine for school valentines, check out these options. Be creative and make your own versions, or grab my templates for a shortcut.


Easy Ways to Make Your Own Valentines


You’re Out of This World Valentine with a Photo from Space

Download a photo from the NASA image library. Use a photo editing software like Canva to add some quick text. Voila! An out of this world valentine.

I think Pluto, with its heart shape, would make a lovely valentine’s card.

I created this design. Feel free to download the Pluto Valentine pdf to use for your valentines this year. It’s one page with four valentines.




Here is a solar system valentine I made for my space-loving kindergartener many moons ago. We’ve used it multiple years with different kids.




Draw Your Own Valentine Art


Have your child draw something simple. Even colorful scribbles can make a sweet card. Cut the scribbles into a heart shape and glue onto a card. This is the perfect preschooler card for a teacher or grandparent. 


If you need something to mass produce for the whole class, turn the one drawing into an image. Scan the drawing or take a photo of it. I like to use Procreate on the iPad for this purpose since it’s super easy to turn into an image. Have your child directly draw on the iPad. You can use the Notes app if you don’t have Procreate.


This is an example my daughter drew last year.



Add a Secret Message


Make any valentine card more interesting with a secret message. Don’t forget to include the cipher.


Here is the back of the postcard-style card my daughter, Lily, used last year.




Make a Bookmark


Cut some colorful card stock into strips the width of a bookmark. Let your child add stamps to each paper strip for a quick way to turn out a lot of bookmarks. You could also design one bookmark and make copies. Or let your child decorate each bookmark individually. This totally depends on your child’s stamina and how many you want to make. 

Hole punch the top and add some colorful yarn as a bonus step.

One year, we made color-changing bookmarks using heat-sensitive paper. When you warm up the paper with your hand, the color changes.



Make a Valentine Squishy


Have you seen the DIY squishies made from cosmetic sponges? They are super easy and require only a little time.


Use fabric paint to paint a design on the cosmetic rounds. Fabric paint is flexible, so the sponges will still be squishable and fun.


This is not a night-before project since the sponges have to dry, and you may want more than one coat of paint.


Here are the heart squishies we’ve made in the past.



What is your favorite non-candy valentine?