Video Interview with a Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist: Covid-19 in Children & Back-to-School


We know that back to school is weighing heavily on the minds of St. Louis moms this year, and rightfully so. We recently chatted with Dr. Rachel Orscheln, Associate Professor of Pediatrics in the division of infectious diseases at Washington University and St. Louis Children’s Hospital, about Covid-19 in children and back-to-school!

Topics covered include: 

  • Transmission rate in children
  • Asymptomatic transmission
  • Hospitalization Rate 
  • Mitigation Strategies in School
  • Future vaccine
  • Impact of social distancing and quarantine on a child’s immune system


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  1. Thanks for having Dr. Orscheln on! Great info shared. One question… she mentioned that studies tell us that children have very low transmission rates. But kids have been basically quarantined since March. How can they have accurate data on transmission rates in kids? I’m skeptical about this, since she also mentioned most other infections are driven by children. What makes COVID be different? Also, I’ve been hearing from teachers who have been teaching summer classes with small groups of children that they are experiencing a lot of quarantine and positive cases, causing the classes to shut down within 1-2 weeks. This makes me think that opening schools will cause this situation to be magnified. Again, thanks for the interview, and for sharing this with our community! 🙂

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