The Summer Alphabet Challenge: Kids Edition


Get out and about with this Summer Alphabet Challenge for the whole family!


Recently, my husband and I started a monthly ABC Date Night Challenge where we dedicate one night a month to a local place that begins with a particular letter in the alphabet. 


Being a teacher and having the summers off, I thought doing something similar with my kids would spice our summer bucket list up!

Our goal:

Visit all the places on our list

during our summer break.



A: Aquarium
B: Big Joel’s Safari Petting Zoo

C: City Museum
D: Dickherber Farms
E: Eckert’s Farm
F: Frisco Train Store
G: Grant’s Farm
H: Healthworks! Kids’ Museum
I: Indian Camp Creek
J: JJ Twig’s Pizza for lunch
K: Kokomo Joe’s Family Fun Center

L: Lone Elk Park
M: The Magic House
N: New Experience at Enchanted Playroom
O: Open Gym at Olympia Gymnastics and Ninja Center
P: Purina Farms
Q: Queeny Park
R: Rec-Plex – Ice skating!
S: Shaw Nature Reserve
T: Transportation Museum

U: Urban Air Adventure Park
V: Vlasis Park– Splash Pad
W: Wabash Pacific Railroad
X: Xtreme bubbles with the Bubble Bus
Y: Your Choice Day—have the kiddos pick out a place that’s not on the list!
Z: Zoo


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What local places will you add to your

Summer ABC List?



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