STL Sitter: A Mom’s Trusted Source for Childcare


Moms, we all know the value of a good babysitter. Their information sits right there in your contacts, immediately under “family” because a good sitter feels like an extension of your own family. They care for your kids, spark their imaginations, enrich them, and make you feel good about leaving your kids in their care.

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What Can STL Sitter Do For You?

STL Sitter is a well organized, reliable babysitting service you can count on. More than ever, parents find themselves having to fill in the gaps and find quality care for their children. With school schedules in flux, and parents needing to trust that their kids are well taken care of, STL Sitter helps fill those gaps and lifts the burden and stress off your shoulders. They cover your usual babysitting needs, such as date nights, overnights, after-school help, and shuttling to and from activities. But this year, more than ever, they have grown and flexed to meet the demands placed on parents.

What Do You Do When Your Needs Change?

The anxiety parents face over Back-to-School is overwhelmingly extreme this fall. When school schedules are uncertain and changing week-to-week, parents have somewhere to turn. If schools start the year with one plan, and unexpectedly switch gears to another, parents have somewhere to turn. For those looking for tutoring and babysitting, or want to create a small “pod” of kids to learn and socialize together, parents have somewhere to turn. When after-school care is needed, including homework help, parents have somewhere to turn. Whatever your needs, give STL Sitter a call. They’ve been brainstorming, and they have a carefully curated plan waiting, just for you. You do not have to navigate this alone.

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How Are STL Sitters Screened?

Additionally, STL Sitters screens their staff, ensuring that you are matched with highly qualified, reliable caretakers. This is especially helpful as parents scramble to find coverage with little notice. Once you book with them, you can relax knowing that your needs will be met. Subscribing to their membership plan will get you full 24/7 access to their staff, and other perks such as affordable pricing.

You can be confident that any sitter that you book has gone through:

  • a thorough background check
  • an intense interview process
  • training to meet the high standards you expect from a childcare provider
  • driving record checks
  • CPR certification

All of this to ensure that they are ready to step in and take over for you when you need them.

How Easy is it to Book a Sitter?

STL Sitter has the added convenience of an online booking system to plan at any hour for your childcare needs. Their concierge team is very familiar with each sitter on staff, and they will help match your family with the sitter best suited for your unique situation.


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As school schedules change, yet the work demands on parents remain consistent and unyielding, know that with just a few phone calls, you can confidently and safely cover your childcare needs. As you watch your children grow and flourish this semester and beyond, in ways you never expected, you will understand the power of a trusted babysitting service. And STL Sitter’s number will be there, in your contacts, listed alongside your family members.