St. Louis Mom’s Most Read Content in 2021


Hello moms! As we reflect on all we’ve learned and experienced, individually and collectively, thank YOU for journeying with us here at St. Louis Mom! 


In 2021, we: 

  • Welcomed more than 150,000 visitors to our website
  • Connected with thousands of moms on social media
  • Welcomed more than 1200 local moms and families to our in-person events
  • Connected with nearly 2000 newsletter subscribers per week
  • Reached over 10,000 Instagram Followers


We are proud of our ever-growing reach and are honored that you take the time to enjoy our content. We hope it is an encouragement to you in motherhood.


Here are the top 10 most-read blog posts written by our team, in addition to our top three visited resource guides. We feel this is a vast representation of the content our team provides. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading. And we can’t wait to continue journeying with you in 2022!



Number 10

An Unconventional Woman, An Unconventional Love Story

by Kim Brown

“In my 20s, I made quite a few “I will never” statements. My favorite was “I will never have children.” I am not a conventionally maternal woman. I love fiercely and am loyal to a fault, but motherhood never appealed to me. It seemed so draining. I was convinced I was too selfish and did not have enough to give.”



Number 9

New Babies: Seasons of Change, Excitement, & Grief

by Kristi Denner

“And pregnancy number three, which was by far the most challenging physically, has come with some grief as well. Our master plan (though we all know how “plans’ go in terms of conceiving and family planning) has included three kids, so knowing this will likely be my last pregnancy is emotional. Did I cherish this pregnancy enough? Was I paying attention to all the movements and how it felt to have a child growing inside of me? Did I enjoy it to the best of my ability? When you have other kids to care for, especially kids with high energy or special needs, it can be challenging to focus on those little things throughout pregnancy. 



Number 8

 5 Things I Will Teach My Daughter about Weight

by Katie Wollenberg

“Weight, our favorite subject— it’s a complicated thing for almost all women. Most women, at one point or another, have struggled with their weight. My struggle started when I was 7-years-old. That’s right, SEVEN YEARS OLD. Do you want to know why it started at 7-years-old? A little girl in my first-grade class told me, “No one will like you in high school because your fingers are too fat.” WHAT?



Number 7

An Open Letter to My Tween Daughter

by Katie Vondera

“I want you to know that I hear and I see you. And at the same time, I’m baffled by you. I don’t always understand what you need or what you want. I am often confused by your reasoning. But I’m also baffled by how you are becoming this beautiful, independent young woman who can handle so much. Sometimes I don’t feel like I know who you are, but I know it’s even harder for you as you try to figure out the same thing.”




Number 6

Let’s Visit Overland Park!

by Rebekah Coste

“Maybe you’re ready for some summer travel but want to stick closer to home this year. I’ve got the perfect solution for you – head west to Overland Park, Kansas – and Kansas City, too!

My family and I recently spent a few days in Overland Park. We’d never spent any time there as a family before, and we had a blast. I can’t wait to share with you why!”



Number 5

Living in the Lou: There’s So Much to See and Do in O’Fallon, Missouri!

by Melissa Bradley

“Let’s be real— O’Fallon is not a small town.  It has four high schools, more elementary schools than I can count, and Highway K is like a mini Highway 70!  It’s still a sweet place, though, and we did get a much bigger house for our money than we may have gotten in the city.  The schools all have great ratings, and I would have no problem putting my child in any Fort Zumwalt School District school.  Most of the people we’ve met have been friendly, and we do love our neighbors!



Number 4

Breaking the Rule: The 12-Month Rule that Just Doesn’t Fit

by Kelly Glogovac

“I’m sure I read this policy in a handbook at least a year ago when I put my son on the waiting list, but hearing those words stung. To be fair (to me), this was his first day back at daycare after our week-long family vacation. I wasn’t prepared, or even thinking, that he’d have to give up pumped milk in his sippy cups exactly on his first birthday – which happened to be this specific day (yes, I sent him to daycare on his birthday – it’s ok). I was on auto-pilot, just getting the kids out the door and in that frazzled state one typically feels after vacation and being “off” from routine.”



Number 3

Becoming a St. Louis Mom: Embracing the 3 C’s

by Deepika  Pujji

“We recalled our childhoods in STL fondly.  Friendly neighbors, lifetime friendships, diverse schools, and Cardinals baseball.   Were those memories just nostalgia? The fear set in.  What if it’s too slow-paced?  What if it’s too far from our families? What if we don’t make new friends?  What if it’s not diverse enough?  What if it’s not how we remembered?  After all, neither of us had spent any of our adult life in St. Louis. In the past year, I’ve navigated becoming a St. Louis mom and have summed up what I found in these 3 C’s.”  



Number 2

Things to Never Say to a Mom of a Child with Special Needs

by Erin Gooch

“If you know a mom who has a child that requires special needs, rather that be due to a disability, rare condition, learning development, medical condition, etc., you probably want to let them know they have your support. Over the past five years, I’ve had many well-intentioned people say offensive and irritable comments to me about my son, who was born with a form of Dwarfism. After talking with fellow special needs moms and reflecting on my own experiences, I’ve compiled ten questions you may want to steer away from.”



And … Number 1

Mom Confessional: I Don’t Eat Dinner With My Kids

by Angela Baker

“Before my first child was born, I envisioned having family dinners every night, perfectly balanced meals served family-style, where the children ate the same thing as the adults without complaining while we conversed about our days. If you’re rolling on the floor laughing right now or just rolling your eyes, I get it; I was a dreamer. Actually, it’s turned out that I really don’t like eating dinner with my kids … so I usually don’t.”





African-American business owners pictured, with the title “Guide to Black-Owned Businesses in St. Louis:


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