St. Louis Moms Blog Is Now St. Louis Mom!


After much planning, preparation and reflection, we are so excited to announce we have officially changed the name and look of St. Louis Moms Blog to …

St. Louis Mom!

In addition to enjoying a new, sleek website design, we hope you’ll enjoy our updated branding and colors! What else is changing? Nothing! The heart behind St. Louis Mom remains the same, as does our mission to encourage, equip and unite moms from all across the St. Louis Metropolitan Area. 

Even though we are in the midst of a shared global experience, it seems as though we are more divided than we’ve ever been. We consider it a privilege to have access to this platform that we can use to unite moms through the collective voice of our 40+ local moms who share their experiences in motherhood each month.

You can count on us for continued quality content on our website, social media channels, email distributions, and in-person events when it’s safe to resume those! 

Thank you for being on this journey with it … our heart is to reach and serve as many St. Louis Moms as possible! We are ALL St. Louis Mom!