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We are thrilled to share this sponsored post with our fellow working moms! Serendipity Labs tells, in their own words, what makes their space the workplace for you!
No need to worry about the leftover Cheerios on the kitchen table seeping into your laptop mouse or the dog whining to go outside. Being a working mother is hard enough, but you owe it to yourself to level up your professional needs just as if you were to enjoy a day at the spa. Kids are not coworkers. Dogs may be, but kids … let’s be realistic. They are needy, judgmental, messy, and eat all the “office” snacks.

Us moms have dealt with every scenario in the last two years. Surviving the pandemic is an understatement. Some people found solace in returning to the office; others were not so fortunate to have their offices reopen. With flexible workspaces becoming the norm, many professionals are finding inspiration again by getting away from the dining room desk and enjoying flexible worksites, coworking lounges, and private offices.

Serendipity Labs in Clayton is a thoughtfully designed flexible workplace that offers just that, a distraction-free experience for the hard-working professional. Enjoy concierge service, hospitality, enterprise technology, fresh hot coffee not from the microwave, fruit-infused spa-like water, and exceptional interior design. Serendipity Labs’ flexible workplace is like the Zen you feel when you enter a spa. That breath of fresh air and no distractions inspires any professional to be their best. The family distractions are not in sight, and for once, you feel as if someone else is taking care of you. That is the Serendipity Labs experience. 

Serendipity Labs Clayton is not just a workspace but a workplace.

serendipity labs in Clayton, MO

Say goodbye to your kids as coworkers and treat yourself to Serendipity Labs, the flexible workplace.

Here are some top reasons to enjoy coworking:

  • Network and collaborate with individuals in the community.
  • Enhances productivity by providing a professional setting and 
    removing the work-from-home distractions.
  • Promotes creativity by blending different talents across all kinds of fields.
  • Flexible access to full-time, part-time memberships, or even dropping in for
    the day.
  • No commitment of a long-term lease.


Contact us today to book your tour and day at the Lab:


Stephanie Martin | General Manager | Serendipity Labs, Inc.

8112 Maryland Avenue, Suite 400, Clayton, MO 63105 | 314.788.1890



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