R&R Ranch: Local Safe Haven For Miniature Horses


A once secret scenic sanctuary located on nearly 32 wooded acres in Chesterfield Valley, has become nationally/worldly known for its work in creating a safe haven for miniature horses and ponies.


R&R Ranch is a nonprofit organization WHOSE mission “is to increase public awareness of miniature horses and educate people on the proper treatment and care required when owning one.”

– R&R Ranch.


It takes a team and specialists to run a ranch and to care for dwarf miniature horses, and Stacy & Belle are a mother/daughter duo who who lead that team.


a boy leading a miniature horse down the aisle of a barn


The Ranch is home to four dogs, one cat, four birds, one social media famous bunny, 17 miniature horses, four dwarf miniature horses, two miniature donkeys, and two full-size horses.


The barn is “a haven for rescued miniature horses and ponies. Their long-term goal is to help educate the general public about the care miniature horses need.”

– R&R Ranch.


My mom, my then 5-year-old son Teddy, and I had the privilege of visiting the Ranch a few times last year. After our first visit, we fell in love with everything about the Ranch, and it became near and dear to our hearts. We learned from Stacy about the horrific mistreatment a lot of dwarf miniature horses encounter early on in their lives, since most people view them as cute toys for children and do not know all the significant care and treatment that is required with them. It hit home to our family, given our son Teddy has the human form of dwarfism. We all learned that the medical and physical challenges, and the social stigma of living with dwarfism aren’t that different between humans and horses.



a little boy with dwarfism posing in a barn at R & R Ranch


During each visit, we met the world famous Martha, who was found on Craigslist, advertised as a Christmas present. The genetic mutation that caused her dwarfism caused her legs to splay out from her chest and she would never walk again.


“Martha’s humble beginnings of a young dwarf with severe leg deformity catapulted her quickly into worldwide fame.”

– R&R Ranch.


Martha could have more social media fans than most pop stars. She even has her own book, “The Perfectly Imperfect Little Horse,” and merchandise that you can find in their cute little gift shop.


Martha’s story took over social media and she is probably the most famous horse at the Ranch. But each horse has a different and inspiring story, and each is equally lovable.


When you visit the Ranch, you will also meet the most patient, gentle, well-behaved dog-named Handsome. Teddy fell in love with Handsome as much as he fell in love with the horses. He also fell in love with a dwarf miniature horse named Teddy ☺ Teddy was the attention seeker and a wild one, for sure. Must be in the name! We were even able to comb Martha who is so well behaved with kids. We cannot wait for our next visit this summer to meet the Ranch’s new addition of another rescued dwarf miniature horse named Tubs.


a little boy with a miniature horse


R&R Ranch does public and private tours. They book up super fast and get visitors from all over the country. Visit their website: https://www.randrranchminis.com/about-us  to learn more about how to sign up and what the tour includes. They have an Open House/Barn for the Holidays as well, which is decked out to the nines with wonderful Holiday décor.


Check out their social media pages on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Stacy does such a great job keeping the thousands of fans interested in the day-to-day life of the horses and what goes on at the Ranch. You can even sign the kids up to receive a birthday and holiday card from Martha.


I am happy and honored I get to share this special place with you, and I hope you get to take a tour very soon and meet these courageous horses.

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Erin was born, raised and even attended college locally in St. Louis (Fontbonne University Graduate). She is a wife to Craig, a bonus mom to Chloe (21) and a mom to Teddy (5). The family resides in Town & Country. Erin’s world was turned upside down when she learned her son,Teddy, was born with a common form of Dwarfism, called Achondroplasia. After a few months of struggling with her sons diagnosis, she reluctantly jumped into the special needs world. It’s a challenging and different world, but she is realizing more and more each day that it has just as much, if not more, beauty inside of it. Even though I feel like I’m on a constant hamster wheel of navigating the special needs parenting path, Teddy has taught our family and friends more than we could imagine. Erin is passionate about helping parents teach their kids about different disabilities. She believes raising kind hearted kids starts in their homes. She is also passionate in helping other parents navigate the medical and therapy world. It’s not a world built for the passive type, which she quickly learned. When she is not carting Teddy back and forth to school, therapies, activities and numerous doctors visits she enjoys exercising, walks with her friends and drinking a cocktail while finally watching The Today Show at 9:00pm before bed.


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