Moms in the Lou: Sweet Treats from Patty’s Cheesecakes


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Moms in the Lou this month delves into Pat Upchurch’s sweet inspiration behind Patty’s Cheesecakes!


Tell us about yourself! Where did you grow up? Are you an STL native?

Yes, I’m an STL native. I grew up in south St. Louis in the Compton Heights neighborhood.


Tell us about your family. 

My family includes my husband, Ahdon, and our son, David Ray.

a mom on the beac with her husband and son


How did you get into baking cheesecake??

My grandma made the best desserts, cheesecake being one of them. When she decided not to make them anymore, she gave me the recipe and her mixer. So I started making it for our family gatherings, just like grandma. I then began sharing my cheesecakes with friends, and the rest is history as they say. I’ve been in the cheesecake business since 2015.

a collage of cheesecake desserts including chocolate chip cookies stuffed with cheesecakeMy passion for creating in the kitchen started much younger. My Dad was a chef, and he taught me how to cook as I stood on a small step ladder at his side.


What’s your favorite spot to visit in St. Louis? 

My favorite spot to visit in St. Louis is the Botanical Gardens, as I love flowers. I also love visiting one of the many great local eateries.


What is your favorite baking inspiration?

I am inspired by mixing up ingredients or flavors that are not usually paired together to create something new and watching other chefs do the same. I also love to do and see food items in petite form  – it’s appealing and fun. 

a close up of a cheesecake covered in strawberries and blueberries


Any advice or words of encouragement for your fellow moms?

Affirming your child(ren) every day really does make a difference. Also, we all know this, but make sure you get some “me” time. It helps everyone. 


Any dreams for the future?

I will write a book and open a “life center” with my husband to help people with life/leadership skills and provide mentoring and community. 


Where can we find your delicious cheesecake?

You can find us at as well as at The Bakers Hub, 67 Forum Shopping Center in Chesterfield.


Pat is the owner and head baker for Patty’s Cheesecakes. She was taught by her culinary certified master chef Dad. Pat started cooking at nine-years-old on a step stool along side him. The original cheesecake recipe for Patty’s Cheesecakes was her grandmother’s, a great cook and baker.  She has been in the food business for 18 years and started the cheesecake business in 2015. 

In addition to her love for bringing joy to people through her baking and cooking, she also has a heart and passion for women, families, and a special burden for the urban community – seeing them fulfill their purpose and destiny. One of the ways she is serving women and families is as Executive Director of Metro Pregnancy Resource Services (a program of Metro Associates). 

Pat has 30 years of experience in the nonprofit sector.  She holds a degree in Business Administration and Management Information Systems.  She is married to her devoted husband, Ahdon, and they have a delightful son, David Ray.  Pat also enjoys reading (especially on personal development and leadership… and, of course, recipes, cooking tips and techniques) and meeting new people as well as building community.