Looking for a Spring Sport? i9 Sports Can Help Find the Right Program For Your Child

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Playing sports should be fun— just ask i9 Sports!


A Big Decision for Parents


As a father of a 3-year-old and a former college athlete, I was eager to get my son enrolled in sports for the first time.  I knew that kids who participate in sports are more likely to pick up strong exercising habits that carry into adulthood.  I also understood the benefits that sports teach, such as discipline, teamwork, and achieving goals.  But beyond all the great things that sports can provide, I knew I wanted my child to have fun, learn sportsmanship values, and make new friends.


a mom high living her son who is wearing a baseball jersey and helmet


Fun Above All


Many leagues are unorganized, outdated, and focus too much on winning.  While researching youth athletic participation, I found that the majority of kids quit sports by the time they are 13 years old.  The #1 reason … It was no longer fun.  Why was it not fun?  The coach yelled too much, playing time was cut, and pressure from parents to succeed were just a few of the answers provided.  In short, the fun had been taken out of sports. 


i9 Sports


Knowing that there had to be something better out there, I stumbled across i9 Sports while living in Florida.  They understood that youth sports should be about fun, good sportsmanship, and convenience for busy families.  I was so impressed that I brought i9 Sports to St. Louis 8 years ago and opened up a second franchise in St. Charles County 3 years ago.  The once-a-week model of practice and playing on the same day is great for busy families.  The emphasis on fun and trying new sports each season is something that parents and kids really enjoy.


a boy in an I9 jersey kicking a soccer ball during a game


Spring Registration Open Now


i9 Sports will be offering convenient once-a-week Soccer, T-Ball, Flag Football, and Basketball programs throughout St. Louis and St. Charles County this Spring. To register, visit www.i9sports.com or call us at 314-782-1780 (St. Louis) or 636-228-3006 (St. Charles County). Come out and experience i9 Sports:


“The Way Youth Sports Should Be.”