Local Hiking and Biking Trails


a family hiking on a trailAl Foster Memorial Trail

Al Foster Trail – 5.5 miles

225 Grand Avenue, Glencoe, MO


Meramec Greenway

Arnold’s Grove Trail – 6.6 miles

Valley Park, MO


Babler State Park

Babler Memorial State Park Bike Trail – 3.5 miles round trip

800 Guy Park Drive, Wildwood, MO


Bee Tree County Park

Bee Tree Lake Loop – 2.3 miles

2701 Finestown Road, St. Louis, MO


Cliff Cave County Park

Cliff Cave County Park Loop – 4.3 miles

Mississippi Greenway Trail – 5.1 miles

River Bluff Trail – 1 mile

Spring Valley Trail – 2.8 miles

806 Cliff Cave Road, St. Louis, MO


a close up of bike wheels on a muddy trail as a cyclist goes for a ride


Creve Coeur County Park

Creve Coeur Connector Trail – 7 miles

Mallard Lake Loop – 2.6 miles

Creve Coeur Lakeview Loop Trail – 3.8 miles

13725 Marine Ave, Creve Coeur, MO


Echo Bluff State Park

More than 30 trails

34489 Echo Bluff Drive, Eminence, MO



Elephant Rocks State Park

7390, 7406 MO-21, Belleview, MO 63623


a couple hiking and scaling large rocks



Forest 44 Conservation Area

Dogwood Ridge Loop – 2.4 miles

1100 Antire Road, High Ridge, MO


Forest Park

Emerson Grand Basin Loop – 2.5 miles

Heels Path – 5.8 miles

Picnic Island Loop – 1.1 miles

Wheels Path – 5.7 miles

5595 Grand Drive, St. Louis, MO


Fort Belle Fontaine County Park

Fort Belle Fontaine Loop Trail – 2.7 miles 

Grants Trail – 9.8 miles 

13002 Bellefontaine Road, St. Louis, MO


Jefferson Barracks Park

Dennis Schick Trail – 2.5 miles

Mississippi River Greenway – 2.6 mile trail

345 North Road, St. Louis, MO


Laumeier Park

Art Hike Trail – 0.77 miles

Central Pathway – 0.64 miles

Western Woodland Trail – 0.15 miles

12580 Rott Road, St. Louis, MO


a girl biking down a dirt path

Lewis and Clark Trail

Lewis Trail – over 8 miles – hiking

Clark Trail – just under 5.5 miles – hiking

6990 S. Missouri 94, Weldon Springs, MO


Lindenwood Park

River Des Peres Greenway Trail – 12.7 miles

6701 Lindenwood Place, St. Louis, MO


Lone Elk Park

Chubb Trail – 12.4 miles 

White Bison Trail Loop – 3 mile trail – hiking

1 Lone Elk Park Road, St. Louis, MO


Lower Meramec Park

Meramec Greenway Trail – 3.9 miles

4800 Meramec Bottom Road, St. Louis, MO


McKinley Bridge Bikeway

1.25 miles

East of Branch and Hall Streets, St. Louis, MO


a close up of hiking boots on a trailMinnie Ha Ha Park

Lower Loop – 1.2 miles

Upper Trail and Lower Loop – 3.4 miles

801 Old Gravois Road, Sappington, MO


Pickle Springs Natural Area

2 mile trail 

Dorlac Road, Ste. Genevieve County, MO


Queeny Park

Hawk Ridge Trail – 4.5 mile loop – hiking and biking

550 Weidman Road, St. Louis, MO 


Rockwoods Range

Fox Creek Spur Trail – 0.6 miles – hiking, biking

Fox Run Trail – 3.5 miles – hiking, biking

Green Rock Trail – 13.2 miles – hiking

Round House Loop Trail – 3 miles – hiking, biking

Fox Creek Road, Wildwood, MO


Rock Hollow Trail

4.6 miles round trip

777 Ridge Road, Ellisville, MO


Rockwoods Reservations

Lime Kiln Loop – 3.2 miles

Seven trails – hiking

2751 Glencoe Road, Wildwood, MO


Shaw Park 

Centennial Greenway – 3 miles

27 South Brentwood Boulevard, Clayton, MO


St. Louis Riverfront Trail

12.2 miles

1246 Lewis Street, St. Louis, MO


Tilles Park 

Tilles Park Foot and Bike Path – 0.9 miles

9951 Litzsinger Road, St. Louis, MO


Tower Grove Park

St. Louis Tower Grove Park Tour – 3.2 miles

4257 Northeast Drive, St. Louis, MO


Valley View Glades Natural Area

Just under 3 miles – hiking

131 Evergreen Drive, Hillsboro, MO


Watson Trail Park

Watson Trail Park Outer Loop – 0.9 miles

12450 W. Watson Road, St. Louis, MO


West Tyson County Park 

Chinkapin Trail – 0.5 miles

Chubb Trail – 7 miles

Flint Quarry Trail – 3 miles

Prairie Loop Trail – 1.5 miles

131 N. Outer Road East, St. Louis, MO



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