Living in the Lou: Wildwood


a sketch of a neighborhood street, with a header along the top reading, "Living in the Lou, a neighborhood series" with the town "Wildwood" underneath


I have always wanted to live in a town. No, not a city or the country, but a town. I wanted to live just close enough to a big city for fun and experiences, but not too far that I felt like a “trip” to the city was exciting. Honestly, Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls would be my idea of a perfect town. Well, cue Wildwood in West County. Okay, it’s not the ultimate Stars Hollow replica, but after living here for three years, I am pretty content. Here’s why …


cultural and annual events banner for Wildwood, Missouri


If you’ve seen Gilmore Girls, you know that Stars Hollow celebrates EVERYTHING. Wildwood is a bit like that. 


Celebrate Wildwood, our city’s anniversary celebration, is adorable. They have activities for kids and live concerts. They even have booths of local artists and authors. I cannot wait for this year’s event. We’re going to finally celebrate our 25th Anniversary (plus 1) thanks to last year’s surprise.


Our annual Art Festival is usually a standalone event, but again because of last year, it’ll be one with Celebrate Wildwood.


During the year, City Hall and the local business groups get together for fun events like a Snowman hunt (just wandering to businesses looking for snowmen for prizes) and Music on Main (postponed last year, but it’ll return soon enough). There really is a family event for everyone’s taste.


Last year derailed our usual events, but I’m so hopeful for this year and more in 2022. 


restaurants banner for Wildwood, Missouri


While the business sector of Wildwood may feel like it’s in a small area, that doesn’t mean there isn’t something for everyone when it comes to restaurants.


Letty Lou’s Cafe is a family favorite. They’ve got traditional favorites with some great portion sizes (and prices).

Craft Eats & Drinks is my go-to for our dates and my mom’s nights out. They have great variety with some modern twists.

Empire Nutrition is perfect if you’re looking for some delicious and health wellness optinos like teas and smoothies. 

If you’re looking for dessert, you must stop by Main Street Creamery. They have an amazing selection and some awe-inspiring shakes that will leave everyone with the ultimate sugar rush.


The specialty shakes at Main Street Creamery all include your own take-home mason jar!


parks and kids activities banner for Wildwood, Missouri


Hands down, my favorite part of Wildwood is our parks! The city boasts six parks (five of them have playgrounds) and over 35 miles of trails. That doesn’t include the four other state and county parks located within Wildwood.


Green Pines Park – The newest Wildwood city park.

Our favorite park is our neighborhood park is the newest one – Green Pines Park.  With recently added parking spots, visitors from surrounding areas can find a spot to enjoy the park. It’s perfect for littles since it is completely enclosed and restrooms are right in the middle of the park.


If you have bigs, be sure to visit Wildwood Community Park. It’s got play structures for bigs and littles. There is even a creek that you can explore. Check out our Instagram for a peek at this park.


There’s even a new Town Center public space in the works that’s in the exploration phase!


Hands down, one of my favorite gems in all of Wildwood is Bluff View Park. We hiked the main trail with both of my daughters (one we wore in our Lillebaby). For the most part, it’s an easy walk with some incline, but the view is perfect. Be sure to bring water and snacks since it can take a little while to walk if you’re letting your kids lead the way. There are even more challenging hiking and biking trails for the adventurer.


Just a toddler taking a hike through Bluff View Park
The view from the top of the Bluff View Park trail is pretty unique.









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Ready for the ultimate small-town feature? Check out Patterson Family Farms. This is a family-owned general store that offers meal kits, produce, and even some fun finds like decor and pet treats. They regularly partner up with other small businesses to share their products – like flowers and baked goods!


Well, that’s Wildwood. It sounds a bit like Stars Hollow, right? I love this town that we get to call home in St. Louis County, and if you’re ever on this side, I hope you end up loving it, too.