Living in the Lou: Lindenwood Park, Quaint Neighborhood Vibes in the STL


Living in the Lou: Lindenwood Park originally ran in March, 1010


We moved to Lindenwood Park from the Dogtown area last summer, and we absolutely love it. We chose the area because it is central to all of our activities. You can quickly hop on either I-44 or 64/40, Forest Park is just a quick drive away, and it feels like a cozy neighborhood tucked within the city. 




Lindenwood Park (right off of Jamieson) is great for younger kids with two smaller playground areas. The great thing about Lindenwood Park is the huge open baseball/soccer field. It is a great park to bring outdoor games to and let kiddos burn off some energy! 


Francis Park (off of Hampton) has numerous playground areas, handball/tennis/racquetball courts, and water play areas during the summertime. 



Lindenwood Live! is a summer series at Lindenwood Park and kicks off on May 24th at 6pm with live music and food trucks. 



Bubba’s Deli off of Ivanhoe is a new deli that has a simple, yet delicious menu. It fits into the neighborhood perfectly. It’s a small deli with great sandwiches and wonderful employees. I recommend the meatball sandwich! 


Pizza-A-Go-Go is our favorite neighborhood pizza place. It’s a great place to either pick up or eat in. Some tricks to know: go early since it’s a small restaurant and bring cash, they do not accept credit cards. 


A newer gem is La Catrina Mexican Restaurant right off of Hampton. Mexican restaurants are usually great go-to’s with kids because they tend to be louder. La Catrina has American food on the kids’ menu, which my kids appreciate, and they also have a cute little patio for warmer months! Pro tip: parking can be tricky, but there are usually open spaces in the medical building parking lot across Hampton. 



Lola Jeans Giveback Coffee: is just slightly out of the neighborhood, but it is worth mentioning! They are owned by the same owners of Russell’s on Mackland and give back to charitable organizations in the South Hampton neighborhood. They offer breakfast, lunch, and of course, wonderful coffee. The space is super cute and even offers a kids coloring space so you can re-caffeinate and take a breather. The breakfast grilled cheese and standard latte are my go-to!