Interview with a Fertility Specialist: Covid Vaccine in Pregnancy & Infertility



We know the Covid vaccine is at the forefront of our minds. Is it safe? Should we get it now or wait? What about our children? If we’ve made the decision to take the Covid vaccine, when will be eligible to sign up? Are there enough supplies? Will this bring the normal we all so deeply long for? 

We recently chatted with Dr. Kenan Omurtag, Reproductive Endocrinologist with the Fertility and Reproductive Medicine Center at Washington University about the Covid-19 vaccine as it relates to pregnant mothers and those undergoing fertility treatments. 

Topics covered include: 

  • Development of the vaccine’s technology and how it may pave the way for future vaccine technology
  • Covid antibodies for unborn babies as transmitted by the mother
  • Safety of the vaccine for pregnant mothers 
  • Timing of the vaccine relation to a fertility treatment timeline
  • Tracking safety and adverse affects of the vaccine for the future
  • The Covid-19 vaccine relation to lactation and its impact on breastmilk