COVID-Friendly Restaurants: A St. Louis County Guide to Supporting Local


These COVID-friendly restaurants have been compiled by contributing writers Maddie K. and Graham Behnke.


As I think back to last spring, I can honestly say that I never thought we would still be dealing with COVID during the holiday season. As the pandemic has stretched on month after month, we all know that the restaurant industry has been significantly impacted by safety precautions, ever-changing government regulations, and our new way of life. As COVID numbers are increasing around St. Louis County, local government officials are doing what they can to slow the rise in cases. Unfortunately, many of these rules and regulations directly impact locally-owned restaurants across the St. Louis area.

Below, we have compiled a “guide” to some of our favorite, COVID-friendly restaurants. These are places you can order from, whether that be curbside pickup and/or delivery. Some of these restaurants even offer outdoor seating in a heated patio area; actually being able to “eat out” while staying warm and socially-distanced? Count this mom in! As we head into the holidays, many restaurants offer catering options for families and larger groups, too.

Keep in mind, restaurants that deliver will make more money if you order directly from them as opposed to ordering from a third-party delivery service. So please check with the restaurant for delivery options. In addition, tips go a long way for restaurant workers who are struggling at this time. If ever there was a time to tip high, it’s now! So, plan some nights where you don’t need to worry about what to make for dinner as you support your community!