Go To The Beach Without Leaving St. Louis



Summer time sand play

I remember it like it was last week. My husband and I were relaxing with our feet in the sand watching our kids dig and build sand castles. The balmy breeze was blowing and we were sipping cool drinks. Summer vacation was here. 

But it’s not what you think. 
It WAS last week and we were at Twin Oaks park in Ballwin.



….in a sand volley ball court!
So it wasn’t a Sandals resort. Hang with me here. Not all of us are fancy enough to make it to Florida this summer but that doesn’t mean we can’t all have a day at the beach!! This land locked Florida girl has found some ways to make do here in the Show-Me State and today I’m sharing with you my favorite ways to spend a day at the beach without leaving Missouri. 
photo credit: Megan Talbert photography
The Magic House
For the month of May and June head over to their parking lot beach exhibit. They provide shovels, buckets and an awesome giant sand sculpture. There are umbrellas and a water feature and even sea shells to find! We did a family photo shoot here a few years back. It makes for a fun morning!
Creve Coeur Lake
You can walk along the beach and dig in the sand. You can also rent paddle boards, canoes and kayaks. Bring a lunch and pretend you are far away!
Fugitive Beach.
Just a one hour drive from St. Louis, Fugitive beach can give you a beach fix on a budget. There is cliff jumping,  a water slide and beach front lounging.  This one is on our summer bucket list.  Have you ever been?  Let me know in the comments.  
Trout Lodge
This one makes a great overnight. Just one and a half hours from St. Louis in Potosi, Trout Lodge is a super fun get away. You can sign up for boat rides including a pirate pontoon adventure complete with a water gun battle. You can relax on the sandy beach while your kids swim or bury themselves in the sand. Meals are included in the restaurant and you can stay overnight in a cabin, tepee or lodge room. This is one of favorites. So much fun for such a small price tag. 
Don’t feel too bad for us….we did get to go to the Gulf Coast last October…but more often than not – we’ll be hitting the midwest options!  What is your favorite way to pretend that you are at the beach?
an actual Florida beach trip


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