Foss Swim School is Coming to O’Fallon!


This post is sponsored by Foss Swim School.

Do you have a little fishie living under your roof that’s in need of some training underwater? Well, Foss Swim School can make it all possible! Including mermaids, belly flops, and submarine races, too! They truly believe every kid can learn to learn to swim and love the water (as do we!), and they’re excited to bring their proven techniques to the St. Louis area when they open their NEW indoor swim school in O’Fallon this fall.


For more than 26 years, FOSS has taught hundreds of thousands of people to be stronger, safer swimmers.  Swimming is a fundamental skill for kids, an activity for families to enjoy together, and gives parents greater confidence around water.


You’re in luck! Even though pool season will soon be ending, registration for the fall quarter is now open at FOSS, and classes begin in September.


Once-a-week classes meet at many convenient times throughout the week, and condensed two- or four-times-a-week swim camps are also available. FOSS knows how busy families are, and they do everything possible to make swimming fit into your schedule – to ensure that kids can attend regularly and get the full benefit of classes. 


Why swimming?

We might be biased, but we think swimming is just about the perfect activity and a fundamental skill, as fundamental as reading and walking. Consider these benefits:


  • Mental development: Kids who learn to swim at a young age reach physical, social, motor control, and oral communication developmental milestones earlier, according to an Australian study.

  • Safety: While there is no such thing as complete safety around water – even experienced swimmers have some risk – the risk is reduced by 88% through swim lessons.

  • Exercise: Swimming is an excellent cardiovascular, full-body, low-impact exercise.

  • Socialization: Sports and activities like swimming are associated with general positive well-being at a pivotal point in life for young people, and many water activities are group activities.

  • FUN!: Saving the best for last – think of all the fun things your family can do in and around water, and how much more confident everyone will be knowing they have swim skills!


a boy smiling for the camera wearing goggles and a swim suit as he swims underwater in a pool


What makes Foss Swim School special?

Unlike some learn-to-swim programs, FOSS teaches swimming in quarters, which they have found to be the most effective way to learn. It matches the way kids are used to learning in their primary education with consistent teachers and classmates that they get to know and trust, time to master skills and overcome challenges, and plenty of repetition to make sure the lessons stick.


There are other features you’ll find at FOSS that make them stand out. Nowhere else can you find a program that offers all of these:

  • FOSS’ curriculum and philosophy – perfected over decades by our co-founders Jon and Susan Foss

  • The Swim Path™ – unique curriculum which outlines a student’s path to graduation as a confident swimmer

  • Facilities – indoor pools purpose-built to teach swimming, with warm water and comfort for swimmers and families

  • Teachers and staff – selected for their ability to connect with kids and trained extensively

  • Focus – we teach swimming, nothing else, and we are set up to do so really well


Want to know more? Visit their website to learn more about the O’Fallon school, and then dig deeper to learn about their history, approach, insights, and curriculum. Be sure to stop by in person once the school opens this fall, either just to say hi and check out the pool, or enroll in a free preview class to experience the FOSS difference. Register for the fall quarter here, and we’ll see you at the pool!


  1. I love the concept of a curriculum that parents can follow so they know exactly which skills have been mastered and which ones are still needed. So often with sports and activities, parents on the sidelines can’t really measure growth. Here, you can be confident that your child is learning.

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