Your Step-By-Step Guide to Simple Living in 2022



Living simply doesn’t mean you need to get rid of everything and stop shopping. It doesn’t mean you have to stay home and be a recluse either. Simple Living is a term used to emphasize minimizing the clutter, stress, chaos in our lives to make room for the things that matter. It’s absolutely possible and not as complex as you think. I’ve benefited from living simply immensely and cannot wait for you to experience the freeing feeling as well. Below is your step-by-step guide to living simpler in 2022. Don’t forget to voice any questions you have in the comment section!


Step 1: Address the clutter.


Get out one piece of paper and write down all the things that feel heavy, add stress, or overwhelm you. These are not bad, nor do they need to disappear. Addressing them will create awareness, and awareness will help you transition into a healthier relationship with that situation, event, etc. Save this list— we will come back to it. 



  • Chaotic mornings with your children
  • Skipping meals and getting hangry
  • Cooking dinner, doing too much on the weekends
  • Too much meaningless stuff
  • Picking out clothes in the morning
  • Laundry
  • Your crowded pantry, silverware drawer, or fridge
  • Bedtimes with the kids … wait, am I just revealing things that stress me out? Haha, possibly. Nonetheless, maybe it will give you some ideas of where to start addressing your stress. 



Step 2 (before any decluttering happens): Incorporate stillness practices.


Once you invite these still practices into your home, mind, and schedule, you will start to experience the incredible perk that comes with living simply: freedom. Freedom to do what you love! 


  • Candlelit dinners. This used to be the norm, you know. Enjoy a slow, quiet, intimate, and warm meal. 
  • Actually sitting and enjoying your couch, maybe even without turning on the TV.
  • Read a good story. Let your imagination run wild. 
  • Tea! Such a simple but beautiful ritual. Having loose leaf tea on hand helps it feel like more of a stillness ritual.
  • Walk slowly with nowhere to go and no calories to burn. See what arises in your mind when you let it just be.
  • Make a big delicious weekend breakfast. Sit together as a family, ask a question and have everyone say their answer. Refill on the coffee and take your time.
  • Build a fire. Nothing says slow down more than a warm, blazing fire.
  • 3 minutes of feet up the wall. This is a practice that boosts circulation to your heart and brain, creating a calming effect on the whole body. I said 3 minutes because if I said 5 or 10, you might skip it simply because that’s an overwhelming amount of time! You can absolutely do it for longer, but no pressure.


Step 3: Start decluttering a little at a time.


You’re aware of what stresses and overwhelms you. Now start to take action on all of those things you listed. Tackle your closet this Saturday and call a friend to help you tackle it if necessary. Create a new morning routine(or evening routine) that can help you ease into your mornings rather than waking up just to respond to the world immediately.



You know better than I what needs addressing in your world. I trust you, and you should, too. You’re incredibly capable of making these small changes. It’s the small shifts and habits that will change your life. Enjoy the simplicity, live for those quiet moments, and breathe in that incredible feeling of freedom. Yes … work is necessary, as is homemaking and cooking and cleaning, but there is absolutely room for stillness, fellowship, and the things that bring you joy. 


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