Top 12 Instagram Accounts for Mothers: Hacks, Recipes and Inspiration


Oh, the clean dessert recipes, mom hacks, relatable stories of children washing their hair in the toilet, I need you. Where to find it? Instagram. Ask yourself, what would happen if you intentionally unfollowed accounts that make you feel down, less, or envious and replaced them with uplifting, positive, mom-supporting accounts? 

There’s a lot going on in our world today, a lot of heaviness, and whether you’ve noticed it or not, it weighs on us. I’m not condoning ignorance or pure avoidance. I think diving deep into uncomfortable topics and situations is good for us, good for growth! What I am recommending is a little break, a little laugh, and a healthy funfetti cake recipe, cause we all need that right about now.

Below you will find 12 Instagram accounts for mothers that are worth following. Regardless of the stage of motherhood you are in, you will get something out of each account. From a St. Louis food page to a touch of Joanna Gaines’s creativity or an account purely for the laughs, take a look and see for yourself how your mindset changes after indulging in positive content. 


Relatable posts, words, and pictures from both real mommas and experts. They don’t miss a beat. Anxiety? Posted. Breastfeeding? Posted. Scars from birth and sagging skin? Posted. It’s a comforting page that will lift you up and remind you that you’re not alone.  

Joanna Gaines Instagram


Dr. Kahla is a pediatric and prenatal chiropractor who has shares honest advice on caring for a newborn, building immunity for men, women, and children and has a very holistic approach to living a healthy life. She is a wealth of knowledge for those looking to learn how to be their own health advocate. She gives you the info and tells you to make the decision for yourself. Powerful. 

3. @joannagaines

An incredibly successful designer, but you’d never know that from her profile. Her photos range from snapshots of her garden, her children, designs she’s working on, and delicious cookie recipes. She’s as humble as they get, and seeing her in your feed will brighten your day. 

 4. @wildlifeplanet

Not under the category of motherhood, but with all the craziness that happens in our life, seeing these exquisite snapshots will quickly ground you and bring you a sense of deep appreciation for our world. I’m telling you, you’re level of adoration for animals and plants will explode. 

5. @rudysflowertruck

Who doesn’t love a good bouquet? And they are St. Louis locals! I love seeing this company pop up in my feed. It’s happy, creative, bursting with color, and reminds me to send flowers to my loved ones. 

6. @averageparentproblems

If you need a good laugh, look no further. This oh-too-relatable Instagram account will have you in tears within seconds.

Ambitious Kitchen Instagram

7. @ambitiouskitchen

Since we’re all looking for more ways to make healthy food taste yummy, I put my favorite account for just that in this list. Monique, a new mother, has lots of amazing recipes and inspiration for serving clean and delicious meals, snacks and desserts.

8. @kellyejensen

She’s not a business, she’s not a brand, she’s just a mom. Kelly’s photos are beautiful, but her words are nothing short of inspiring. Every single post on her page is filled with relatable stories, encouragement, truths that no one else seems to share, and you can tell within seconds of reading her posts that she absolutely loves being a mom. 

9. @saucemag

Incredible food around St. Louis. Need I say more?

10. @jennakutcher

A genuine soul, a working mom, a truth-teller, and she has an incredibly beautiful page. Jenna’s content is happy, uplifting, and encouraging. It would benefit you immensely to see her sweet face pop up in your Instagram feed. 

Thebucketlistfamily Instagram
The Bucket List Family Instagram

11. @environmentalworkinggroup

Oh, this is a good one. The EWG Instagram page is fantastic for mothers interested in getting rid of toxins in their homes, food, and beauty products. They don’t push it in your face. Instead, they use gentle reminders and facts to help you graciously make the transition. And their reasons for ditching toxins will keep you coming back.

12. @thebucketlistfamily

Such a beautiful reminder to seek adventure, to play with your children, to get them outside, I cannot recommend following this family more. They threw out the “rules” and chose to travel the globe with their children. What they share through their experiences is inspiring.

As you can see, there are good parts of Instagram; I encourage you to find them. Seek joy, search for inspiration, and don’t be afraid to unfollow (with love) accounts that hinder you from blossoming as a mother. Cheers, Mommas.