The Best Bingeworthy British Shows to Snuggle Up and Watch


Looking for British shows to binge? We’ve got you covered!


I finished basically all of American TV during COVID, so I’ve recently moved on to British TV, and I thought I would share some of my favorites with you! I tried to note the appropriateness of shows for kids, but the Brits seem to be a little less worried about swearing, so almost every show on the list has at least one swear word thrown in every once in a while. I hope you’ll enjoy these lovely, so let’s crack on.


rows of TVs screens all displaying parts of the British flag



This show is freaking hilarious! Seriously, my stomach hurts from laughing almost every time I watch it.

The premise is that British comedians are assigned tasks, and they have to complete the tasks following certain rules. Sometimes they team up and do group tasks. Then the “Taskmaster,” the host of the show, judges the results. The points are basically meaningless, and the joy in the show is the lighthearted banter and entertainment.

There are some cuss words and innuendo, so don’t watch this with the younger kiddos.

You can only find Taskmaster on YouTube, but they have their own channel, so you can watch all the seasons from start to finish. It is totally worth watching a few ads, I promise!



Obviously, I am including shows set in Britain and not just made in Britain. This show is easily binged in a weekend. It is adapted from a series of romance novels, so be prepared for skin and sexual content.

The costumes and characters are a joy to watch, and you can easily get lost in the series.

This one is on Netflix.


British Victoria sponge cake with berries on a cake pedestalGreat British Bakeoff

I am more than slightly obsessed with British competition shows. GBB is by far my favorite show. Unlike American competition shows, there isn’t a ton of filler backstory nonsense. And honestly, I am ok that not everyone on the show has a sob story that they’ve dramatized to create interest.

It is just fun baking challenges that will make your mouth water, or not if things don’t go to plan! Every once in a while, they will throw in a cuss word and a baking innuendo, but I do let my 11-year-old watch with me.

This is also on Netflix. And you can find the holiday versions and master baking spin-off if you need MORE!

I also recommend tracking down the Great Pottery Throwdown, which is basically the same show but with clay and kilns. This one is on HBO Max, and there are three seasons, not worth getting the channel if you don’t have it, but worth watching if you do!


Repair Shop

This show is seriously heartwarming and happy. It makes my creative/crafter heart warm to watch these talented craftspeople bring old objects back to life. You get to hear some amazing stories about the original owners of the items and then watch as it is reinvigorated with tremendous skill.

Find this on Netflix when you need an escape from the real world or just a calm moment with no drama or intensity.


a British castle called Balmoral Castle


This show is one of my absolute favorites. The costumes and period sets are gorgeous. I am a history nerd, so this one touches my heart in a special place!
There isn’t much that is inappropriate, but it is a historical show without much to interest the younger kiddos.

Find it on PBS; you can watch online and watch old seasons with a passport membership, which you can get with a small donation.


Peaky Blinders

This show isn’t for the faint of heart. Violence, gore, cursing, and sexual content make it completely inappropriate for young eyeballs.

The seasons are short, only six episodes, and they are filled with drama and intrigue as well as a cunning and clever main character.

You might want to turn the subtitles on because the accents are thick and can be difficult to understand!

This show has five seasons and is on Netflix.