Seven Ways to a Mother Earth Approved Bathroom


Eco-Friendly swaps for the bathroom including shampoo, toilet paper, eye shadow, bar soap, facial products, swabs and cotton rounds.Have you ever noticed how much plastic is in your bathroom? From shampoo and conditioner bottles to soaps and face care products, plastic is everywhere! I have been changing what we buy and use, and I hope our changes can help you make your own.


#1. Bar Soap

A bar of hand-crafted vetiver gray soap from Osmia Organics and two of their recyclable boxes.Trading my body wash for bar soap was easy. I found Osmia Organics out of Colorado and have not looked back. One bar of their seasonal release will last me until the next season. Worried about scent? You can trust their scent descriptions— they’re spot on. Want to keep it local? Check out SammySoap and Buff City Soap.



#2. Bar Shampoo

Pile of J.R. Liggett's shampoo barsExchanging my bottled shampoo for a bar was not an easy transition. pH levels in shampoos need to be lower than in body soaps. Hard water can also make bar shampoos hard to rinse out of your hair. My first attempt (using SammySoap’s shampoo) was a fail. I used the shampoo for a full two weeks, and the result was greasy – but not greasy – hair. I have not given up yet, and two weeks into using J.R. Liggett’s have been pretty happy with the results. Adding their conditioner bar to my routine was a game-changer. Now my hair looks and feels like it did with my bottled products!


#3. Facial Care

Facial products from AcureSome things just don’t have non-plastic options. Mostly, my face products. In an attempt to use cleaner products (what exactly are all these words on the ingredient list?!) I found Acure. They offer some of the cleanest products, and they are available at your neighborhood Target, Whole Foods or Walmart. They have great shampoos, conditioners, and so many face products. I use two of their serums and their face creams. Since most of their products are in plastic, Acure offers a recycling program. Simply go to TerraCycle, register, and they will email you a shipping label to send your empty containers back for recycling. All you need to do is find a box and a UPS drop-off.


#4. Make-Up

HAN eye shadows in their recyclable and compostable packagingI have sensitive eyes, so finding eye shadow that will not trigger styes is a challenge. Enter HAN. I received a sample in a Birchbox eons ago, and fell in love. How much did I love it? I ordered a full-sized version, but it arrived broken into pieces. To add to the disappointment, the color was out of stock. So, I salvaged what I could into an empty contact lens container and used it with no issues (until the case fell, losing its lid and the rest of the contents into my sink). Their ingredient list is clean, made in the USA, and now comes in completely recyclable packaging. Their lip gloss is pretty awesome, too!


#5. Facial Rounds

Fabric cotton rounds in crystal bowl with container of cotton balls in the background.This was another very easy swap. I ordered a 12-pack of facial rounds to use instead of cotton balls. They’re super soft, come in a bag for washing, and look cute in a bowl on my shelf. I still need cotton balls for pedicure removal, but by making this swap for my toner, the bag of cotton balls will last 50 pedicures.



#6. Cotton Swabs

Bamboo and Last Object swabs displayed as alternatives to standard cotton swabs.Did you know the average person uses 415 swabs a year, and those go straight in the trash? I ordered three Last Object swabs – one for everyone in the house. They have been met with mixed reviews. I think they feel like they’re massaging my ears, and I don’t find myself stabbing my eardrum as much. My husband and son are not on board. But I did find bamboo swabs, and bamboo is a great swap for so many things! Last Object also has a swab designed for make-up. Mine has been well-used as I try to get back into the grove of putting on make-up after a two-year hiatus.


#7. Toilet Paper

Rolls of who gives a crap bamboo toilet paper wrapped in paper with funny sayings like "We believe in plying it forward"Speaking of bamboo, we have traded in our regular TP for bamboo toilet paper. There are two drawbacks – it’s more expensive than regular toilet paper and you have to order it online – or at least I have not been able to find it in my Alton stores. But it is soft, durable, and dissolves well (for those of you with old pipes that get clogged easily). Plus, it’s so environmentally friendly.  I chose the brand who gives a crap. They ship the rolls wrapped in paper and in a recyclable cardboard box. Plus, the rolls themselves are fantastic for arts and crafts with the kiddo.


I hope this info makes changing things up in your bathroom a little less intimidating. What swap will you try first? If you missed the swaps we made in our kitchen check that post out here.


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