Poetry, My First Love | World Poetry Day


This is an appreciation post for poetry on World Poetry Day.


an ink drawing of a feather pen

Poetry is

an art form,

an outlet,

a vibe

of expression that should be celebrated!

It gets this day, March 21st,

every year

And I am here for it. 

Poetry – my gateway into the seductive

world of writing.

Granted me a published title 

at the age of 12.

I felt powerful


in awe

that someone out there

could see


Poetry flows

no rules, no expectations

just a beat

and an image – you collide them together

you weave in and out of details

to grow your story

your words have roots

and when you see it, feel it, hear it

in your own way, with every pulse

it’s a whole mood.

Poetry sings to my soul

it teases my creative spirit


whispering the lyrics

to the next great 

written symphony.

My paragraphs and pictures

strung together

to pluck at the string

of wisdom

on a track that needed 

a final touch –

just a fingertip.

I read and re-read

until my gut tells me,

sister, it is done.

It is whole.

And I feel peace

radiating from the tendrils of my 

electric mind

once again. 

Now you try: 

no rhyme

no word count

no pressure.

Look around, what do you see?

Tell me about the colors, 

the atmosphere,

how it makes you feel. 

Is it like anything else?

Maybe it looks like prose –

your never-ending stream

of flowing


Let it fill your cup.

You are alive

and living

and growing your creativity.

Let it tell you 

where to go.