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I’ve been a runner for about twenty years now. My running has taken on different roles in my life throughout this time and has given me the space to do various things. When I first began to run I ran with a team. We chatted as we plugged away the miles and enjoyed the company of others. In college, I ran with roommates and that camaraderie running mentality continued. After college my running time became a time of reflection as I was making big decisions in my life. As I went through some hard times in life running became my therapy. I would spend time quietly grieving or reflecting as needed that day. Once children came along my running became a time of solitude. I would leave the chaos of a house with young children and appreciate the quiet of the early morning on the road.



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More recently I have discovered the joy of learning as I run. I have taken to learning through podcasts and have found various podcasts that fit the bill for what I want to hear that day. There are podcasts to learn about or escape to just about anywhere, so while this is very far from a comprehensive list here are some of the podcasts that have inspired, enriched and entertained my life over the past year. 


The Daily

The New York Times Daily podcast with an in depth look at one of the top news stories of that particular day. Sometimes this one is a hard pass for me and sometimes this one feels almost essential. Regardless of my mood this is always informative. 




You’re Wrong About

This podcast is an eighties and nineties kid rabbit hole. Two journalists obsessed with the past take a deep dive into people and events that have been miscast in the public imagination. Every episode is truly captivating. 




Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

Although I am not a fan of famous people or pop culture I love listening to Dax Shepard sit down and chat with other celebrities and influential people. His casual conversation is entertaining and refreshing. 




3 in 30 Takeaway for Moms

This podcast is always 30 minutes which is sometimes all the time I can give. These 30 minute conversations feature 3 takeaways on various topics in mothering. The experts on the topics are always so knowledgeable and motivating. I leave every episode feeling like I can truly be a better mom. 




Happier with Gretchen Rubin

This podcast is full of tips to live a happier and more fulfilling life without feeling overwhelmed by changes that need to be made. The changes are always simple and doable while the information feels profound. I have found so many ways to enhance my life through listening to this weekly podcast. 




Healthier Together

This biweekly podcast features conversations with experts on a variety of topics in health and wellness and inspiration on how to leave a truly healthier and thus happier life. 


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Every morning when I set out on my run I cue up one of these podcasts to listen to and learn from. I have gained so much and hope you can too. While it may be hard to find quiet minutes during your day I have found podcasts as a lovely addition to time I spend completing household tasks like cooking and cleaning. Everything seems less mundane when I am being inspired at the same time. 


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Katie is a Des Peres mom of two young boys, Trace (2014) and Henry (2016). Katie stays home with her boys most of the time but also spends a bit of time away as a high school lacrosse coach. Katie enjoys connecting with other moms to run, meet at parks, explore new restaurants, listen to live music and discuss books. Katie and her boys can be found enjoying many activities around St. Louis including the Science Center, Zoo, Magic House, Museum of Transportation, Urban Fort and Frisco Train Store, but what they enjoy most is just being outdoors. They have tried many of the parks around St. Louis City and county and also love hiking trails at Laumeier Sculpture Park, Powder Valley and Shaw Nature Reserve. Katie and her family love all that St. Louis has to offer for families of young children and can most often be found taking advantage of all of the many opportunities.