Moving Tips: What to Do When the Market is Hot, Hot, Hot


Do you have a big move in your future? Here are some essential moving tips to make the process run smoothly!


We have been searching for our dream home off and on for the last 5 ½ years— open floor plan, spacious kitchen, extra bedrooms, and more storage on a few acres.


Of course, we would find our forever home … during a pandemic (so no garage sale) while the market is hot, hot, hot. Like blazing hot. My husband just started a new job. I just started virtual teaching, which felt like a new job for me. Oh, and we have a toddler and three dogs. No big deal, right?


I searched high and low for some sanity-saving moving hacks and tips. I had three days to get my entire house ready for showings. Three. Days. Three!! Here are some priceless tips for getting the house ready for showings:


1. The purge.
I made three piles: pack, donate, and trash.
Is it a necessity? Do you use it daily or weekly? Pack it.
Haven’t touched it in months? Donate it or trash it.


2. Rent that storage unit.
I always thought,“Oh, let’s save money- we don’t need a storage unit.” Ummm, we have too much junk NOT to rent a storage unit. Spend the $80-100 to get rid of boxes of home décor, blankets, kitchen gadgets you don’t need at the moment, extra furniture, and rugs.


Showing time:

3. The “we have a showing in thirty minutes” basket:
Keep a laundry basket by the front door to throw random items into and bring with you during showings.


4. Washing Machine and Dryer hideout:
The washer and dryer is another great place to hide stuff. Just remember it’s in there!


5. Cleaning supplies tote:
I kept essential cleaning items for a quick clean up in a tote on the counter. Clean up, and then throw in my car to hide during showings.

6. Holy Toys:
Have a million and one toys? Pack them up. All of them. Gone. Out of sight. Bring them to the storage unit. But, keep one laundry basket of toys out. Easy for clean up when you have 30 minutes before a showing.

a laundry basket full of toys to move in and out of the house easily when showing your house when moving
Holy toys!

Sold! Let’s pack:


7. I’m cheap and need 800 boxes:
Facebook marketplace. Free. Grocery store. Free. Local stores. Free.


8. Detailed labeling:
Don’t just write “Kitchen” on the box when you are packing. Add details as to what’s inside the actual box.


an open crock pot filled with spice jars to show an efficient way to utilize space when moving

9. Tetris:
Use every inch within that box. My favorite tip: put your spices in your crockpots! Have suitcases? Fill them up!


10. Trash bags:
Take a bundle of clothes, add a trash bag to them, wrap a rubber band around the hangers. Don’t deal with unhanging the clothes and packing in boxes. Ain’t nobody got time for that!


11. Utensils:
Have that awesome silverware tray for your drawer filled with forks, spoons, and knives? Saran wrap that bad boy and shove it in a box.


12. Blankets, towels, washcloths:
Wrap picture frames and TV’s in those extra blankets from the living room and bedrooms. Wrap mugs and cups with washcloths. Put paper plates or hand towels in between plates and bowls as a cushion.


13. Hardware:
Have specific hardware to certain furniture items or wall hangings? Tape them to the side or back of the item. Otherwise, you will lose them. Never fails.


a close-up of a hand holding a house shaped key chainAll moved in?


14. Congrats!!!

Eat pizza and enjoy a beer.


What are some of your moving tips?