It’s Definitely the Season for Spring Cleaning


We are almost halfway through the year! Whoa, this year is already speeding past us. Spring is already here. I do not know about you, but I thought I would get a lot more cleaning done being home due to the pandemic. That did not happen! So here we are, entering into a new season with the same old junk. But I chose to take advantage of this season and make some changes in my home.

Spring cleaning started two weeks early this year! It has been so satisfying and freeing to know that my home is clean (at least for now). Now we can look at purchasing new stuff since we have gotten rid of older items.

This year my cleaning was much more focused than in previous years. I had more time to really go through my house and tackle a few areas that tend to easily get pushed off.

Here are a few of my focus areas for this Spring:


a green road sign that says Spring Cleaning Just Ahead

Donate Toys That Haven’t Been Used This Year


Y’all, I have three kids, so honestly, I look for any reason to do a toy purge. Someone got hurt..toy purge. Mama tired … toy purge. Kids having a good day? You guessed it … TOY PURGE! Even as often as I toy purge, somehow more and more toys seem to manifest. So I decided to pay attention to what toys my kids actually played with for a week, and surprisingly it was the same toys! So I decided to donate all the toys they weren’t playing with, and get this— they didn’t even notice!! So, mama, this is your sign of lightening your load and getting rid of those toys.


Clean Your Pantry Out

During the pandemic, I had gone overboard to lessen the number of trips to the grocery store. But, I overcrowded our pantry. We ended up wasting food in the process. I decided the only things we really needed were the essentials. All the other stuff was unnecessary!


Go Through Your Closet

I don’t know about you, but your girl has put on some weight since COVID. All my “hot girl” summer clothes have been canceled and officially donated. In my head, I was going to be at home working out. But reality set in, and I had a whole closet full of too-small clothes. Donating felt so great. That made up for not committing more to a gym schedule.
Don’t forget to check your kids’ closets as well!

Okay, now that we went over some tips, here are a few reminders of thing to clean out as we head into a new season:


  • a bucket of cleaning supplies with a mop leaning against it in front of a beige couchMove Your Couch
  • Wash Your Kids’ Car Seats
  • Clean Out Kids Backpack
  • Clean Out the Toy Bin
  • Clean and Wash Shoes


I hope this post helped encourage you to clean your house during this season. Don’t feel pressured to clean everything out in one day. Take a few days or even weeks if you need to. There is no time limit for cleaning.