Intentional or Instagram-Worthy


Have yourself an intentional New Year!


Happy New Year, one and all! I hope the New Year finds you all in good spirits (and fully recovered from other said spirits)! I would like to keep this short and sweet, which I’ve never been good at but will try nevertheless.


If you read my post from last December, you will remember that I chose to have a more intentional holiday season. One focused more on family togetherness and the quality over quantity of the gifts. Well, I would like to carry that vibe into the new year. Hear me— this is not necessarily a resolution. This is … a lifestyle change, if you will.


I will make sure our home is always welcoming. Full fridge, lots of comfy pillows and blankets, books galore, art supplies, etc. And I want to capture all the big and small moments that life puts before me. I’m a mom of a college student and a teenager, and I was in no way prepared for how fast the years went by. So instead of waiting for the perfect pose, stance, or moment in hopes of capturing the ultimate “Kodak moment” (if you don’t know who Kodak is, enjoy your youth. If you do, well, I won’t say anything more about it). I’m just going to be snapping away and cherishing all these moments. And not all, “let’s put everyone in the perfect formation that will get us the most likes” type of pictures (I mean, there will be some, I am human).


a family selfie


INTENTIONAL will be my word of the year (with gratitude, appreciation, and progress being its backup singers). What is your word of the year, and how will you be incorporating it in the coming new year?



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