Happy National Smoothie Day!


June 21 is National Smoothie Day!


Hey! Happy June and Happy National Smoothie Day! If you’re like me, you crave sweet, cold treats during humid midwest summers. You crave all the soft-serve ice creams, the milkshakes, the popsicles, and everything Ted Drewes and Clementine’s. We crave them, but we feel guilty sometimes after consuming (or inhaling in one bite, if you’re like me). That’s where smoothies come into play!


smoothies in all colors of the rainbow to showcase National Smoothie Day
One of the best things about smoothies is that not only are they the best portable food (in my humble opinion), but they are totally customizable. You can make them as healthy or indulgent as you want them to be. Not to mention you can have one as a meal replacement, a snack, or a dessert. And … and … wait for it … kids of all ages love them as well. Here are a few recipes that I love, and maybe you will, too:

1cup of frozen strawberries
1cup of frozen mango
1cup of frozen pineapple
coconut water
Blend and enjoy!

Sliced cucumbers
Lime juice
Coconut water

Sliced bananas
Chocolate protein powder or a few squeezes of chocolate syrup
Any nut butter
Any milk
A dollop of yogurt
Blend, and oh yeah!

All of these recipes can be made to fit your taste and preferences. Add more or less of each ingredient, or even add another ingredient. So let’s raise our super cute tumbler cups with the reuseable straws to summer rays and National Smoothie Day!


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