Fun Halloween Books To Celebrate the Spooky Season


Halloween books are a fun way to get your little ones excited about the spooky season ahead!


Anyone who knows me knows that I love Halloween. From the homemade Maggie Simpson costume, complete with papier-mâché hair hat, that my mom made for me in elementary school, to creating haunted houses with my friends— some of my fondest childhood memories are of Halloween. And I definitely want to provide those same memories for my son.


a dad, mom, and baby all wearing black Halloween pajamas with skeletons on themWhen I found out my son would be born in October, I immediately knew I wanted to get two things to start him out right: matching family Halloween pajamas for his newborn pictures and Halloween themed books. I love the idea when he’s older of celebrating the month of his birthday and Halloween with a book-themed Advent calendar of sorts. Letting him unwrap a pair of festive pajamas with a book on October 1st, and then sprinkling more books and festive little treats and trinkets for him to unwrap throughout the month. As he gets older, it will be so fun to watch him open the books in anticipation of finding one of his favorites wrapped up for the day. So far, we have amassed a pretty good collection of books that he will enjoy through the years. Below are some of our favorites.


three white wall bookshelves filled with Halloween books, with bats, ghosts, and spiders decorating the shelves


  1. Bonaparte Falls Apart – (3-7 years) I admit I judge books by their covers because I am a sucker for a book with beautiful illustrations. This one stuck out for that reason, but it also has a really cute story about friendship. Great for kids just starting school.
  2. You’re My Little Pumpkin Pie– (Baby-2 years) This is my personal mom favorite of his books since we started calling him Punkin from birth. It’s a sweet story with die-cut images for baby to touch. Probably going to have to get the Christmas version this year, too.
  3. Five Little Ghosts – (Baby and Up) My son is a huge fan of finger puppet books, and this one is no exception.
  4. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial – (4-8 years) A beautifully illustrated version of the classic ‘80’s tale.
  5. The Berenstain Bears Trick or Treat – (3-7 years) A favorite from my childhood.
  6. Halloween ABC – (2 years and up) Great colorful book for kids who love Halloween to practice their ABC’s.
  7. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown – (4 years and up) Another nostalgic favorite.
  8. Llama Llama Trick or Treat – (1 year and up) My son loves the Llama Llama books, so this was a must get.
  9. The Scariest Book Ever – (5-8 years) Another wonderfully illustrated book where an alarmist ghost narrates a journey through the not so spooky forest.
  10. Goodnight Goon -(1-3 years) A Halloween version of the classic bedtime tale.
  11. Room on the Broom – (1-7 years) This is another one of my personal favorites from the author of The Gruffalo. I love the story of repaid kindness. I also just learned there is an animated short of it on Netflix that I am going to have to add to my Halloween watch list.
  12. Babies Love Halloween – (Baby to 5 years) This lift-a-flap book is fun for kids and a great way to introduce them to Halloween traditions.
  13. There’s A Monster In Your Book – (2-7 years) This one probably rounds out my top three. It’s so cute, and my son enjoys it just from watching me participate in it. This interactive book is a must-have for kids who enjoy Tap the Magic Tree or Mix It Up.
  14. It’s Pumpkin Day Mouse – (Baby-4 years) The mouse from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie takes on Halloween.
  15. Spooky Pookie – (1-5 years) A Halloween classic from beloved children’s author Sandra Boynton.


What are some of your favorite Halloween books? Share in the comments; we’d love to expand our collection!


  1. If you haven’t read any of the Little Blue Truck books those are a must! Both my kids love the lift/flap aspect that The Little Blue Truck Halloween has!

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