Up Your Grazing Game this Summer!


If you haven’t tried grazing boards, you will be amazed by how easy they are to put together and how gorgeous they look on your table!


We are in the hot, hot days of summer and enjoying get-togethers with family and friends. No one wants to crank up the oven, so here are some ways to up your game with grazing ideas this summer.


Cookie cutters – Instead of regular cubes or slices of fresh fruit or veggies, use cookie cutters for whatever the party’s theme is. Outdoor party – make flower-shaped watermelon. Airplane birthday bash – make airplane-shaped cantaloupe. Kids will love the fun shapes while snacking on healthy goodies. Don’t ditch the watermelon shell. You can use that as the bowl to hold a fruit salad and makes the table more appealing than just serving fruit in bowls.



Cheese Cuts 

Cheese and crackers are like peanut butter and jelly. They just go together. Don’t be afraid to try a variety of different cheeses. Kids will surprise you and may try more things than you think. To get the most out of your cheese, here is a diagram on how to cut cheeses of all shapes and styles.




You don’t have to just throw meats on a tray. You can have some fun and make a salami river or pepperoni roses. Not only do they look amazing on a platter, but it’s a fun way to present a variety of meats. Also, to put a fun spin on it, wrap a slice of light meat like prosciutto around a cracker breadstick. It looks pretty and is a fun way to graze. 



Crackers and Bread

Use a variety of breads and crackers to fill up your grazing tray. Not only is this a cost-saver, but buying different shapes and flavors really makes your board appealing to the eye. Use a bread bowl for dips, surrounded by torn pieces so people can dunk in the dip. Nothing wasted!



Be Unique With Your Grazing

Try making a breakfast graze board. You can have bagels, pancakes or waffles, bacon or sausage links, fresh fruit, jams, etc. You could also do a s’mores board. You can have the usual goodies like graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate but add some pizzazz to it. Add cookies to hold the marshmallow and chocolate or peanut butter cups, fresh fruit, white chocolate chunks, and vanilla wafers. The possibilities are endless, and the kids love trying new styles each time they make a s’more.



Hot chocolate, marshmallows, chocolates and cookies charcuterie board on pink background. Closeup view, horizontal orientation



Grazing can be for any occasion. Just know your audience. You don’t want to make kiddie food for an all-adult party or have things young kids just won’t eat. Be creative. This is your opportunity to put your spin on the theme, so go for it! Don’t be afraid to try local shops for amazing jams, meats, and cheeses. There are some hidden gems in this city of local goodies, and adding them to a party grazing tray can really up your game. Do disposable if you need to. Don’t worry about dishes if you can help it. I use recyclable trays so that when the party is over, clean-up is a breeze. Last but not least, enjoy what you created! It’s always great to know you made something awesome but make sure you enjoy it, too!


This grazing post originally ran in June, 2020.

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