Community: Our Non-Negotiable When Moving



When I got pregnant with our second child, my husband and I decided it was time to move from our little Glendale bungalow. To be honest, I was super reluctant to move. We had just finished redoing our home (I still gush about how perfect it turned out – haha), so I wanted more time to enjoy it. I loved the picturesque houses and small-town feel of living in the middle of Kirkwood and Webster. However, there was one thing missing (other than a basement and more room for the obscene amount of kid’s toys we had)— a neighborhood & community where we felt connected.


My husband and I both grew up in neighborhoods where kids roamed and ran the streets. Our neighbors became our best friends. The parents became our parents’ best friends. We knew we wanted that for our kids. We knew we wanted that for ourselves. Once you become a parent, you crave that sense of community. Since you’re obviously not going out as much, having friends who live right across or down the street is vital to maintaining a social life and your sanity. So, out West we went! After looking in countless neighborhoods, losing out on numerous houses, we hit the jackpot! 


Sure, you hear about neighborhoods having get-togethers, but what about an annual soapbox derby? Ya, I didn’t think so. For the past 47 years, dating back to the very beginning of the neighborhood, the people of the WO come together for the WO500. It is an all-day event held right in front of our house, filled with food, booze, a parade, games for the kids, and the soapbox races. 



Waking up to the streets lined with bales of hay and flags was a sight to see! And the people! I knew we had some great neighbors, but put a bounce house in your front yard, and you meet all the mamas!


My husband and I instantly connected to so many families who also have kids around our kids’ ages. My heart could have burst. We talked about everything from our kids, to being a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, to postpartum struggles. I even was offered a slew of baby bottles! 


Knowing we’re surrounded by such fantastic, down-to-earth families solidifies our decision to move and stick to our non-negotiable of finding a community within our neighborhood. 


I look forward to connecting with more of my neighbors and creating lifelong friendships.



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