An Exploration Station Right at Home: Exploring Recyclable Materials for Young Children


These simple tips can spark an exploration station in your home!


Are you wondering what to do with all the food packaging, boxes, and random things from the holidays?



What a great time to start a little art / loose part collection for your little ones to create and explore! Throw in some plastic bottles, paper towel or tissue rolls, rocks, and branches, and watch the magic happen! Children love to create new and exciting roles for old materials. Think of different textures you can add as well, maybe aluminum foil, cotton balls, or yarn— I mean, the sky’s the limit. 

You may be surprised at how much time you have to fold the laundry or enjoy and finish a cup of coffee before it gets cold. You can always store the materials in a plastic storage container and tuck them away when they’re not being used. Easy dump and clean up for the win. 

I will always have an undying love for loose parts.



A buffet of wonder and choice

An isle of endless possibilities to create.

A flame that ignites discovery.

A space that empowers the creativity and minds of children. 

Rocks become cascading mountains.

Leaves become hair on self portraits.

Nuts and bolts transform into staircases that lead dinosaurs to magical lands in Asia.


The imagination is a beautiful playscape for creativity and wonder! I enjoy watching as the blueprint of their ideas come to life. 

I hope you give it a try and come back to share all the amazing ideas your little ones have.



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Trynai was born and raised in St. Louis and has graciously embraced her need to use GPS to get around daily, due to being born without any since of direction. She lives in Unincorporated St. Louis County with her husband and her two Jungle Explorers. (Of course they proudly named themselves:) She appreciates the natural landscapes, windy roads and hidden gems that are tucked away and waiting to be explored and for their stories to be told. Trynai is an Early childhood educator turned homeschool mom and entrepreneur. She gains complete joy in serving families. Trynai loves to encourage moms and intentionally works to empower them. She aids them in creating deeper connections within their home and with their children. She’s extremely passionate about sharing ways to cultivate a child’s natural way of learning through individualized activities and morning invitations while using everyday, budget friendly materials. Trynai is also a homeschooling mom and shares her journey in hopes to create a safe space for teachers and parents to nature the joy of learning in small children. You can find her and the Jungle Explorers discovering all the family friendly places that St. Louis has to offer! Everything from cafes, to trails and libraries and museums. They will take their latest read-aloud anywhere and find a space to create memories on purpose.


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