A Saint Louis Mom – One Year Later


One whole year of being a Saint Louis Mom. I feel like that came quickly! Here’s a brief summary of everything that has happened for us after our cross-country move at the one-year mark.


As soon as I set foot in Wentzville, I had a coffee date set to meet with the owner of St. Louis Mom – to get a feel for each other as I joined the team. Still writing and chronicling the journey of motherhood with a new setting on a familiar platform, surrounded and welcomed by a very sweet bunch.


one year later as a Saint Louis Mom


Since joining the contributing writer team, I’ve also taken on the role of Events Director and haven’t looked back. Not only that, but I had transitioned from working at home for a California company to being back in the office with the City of Wentzville. I’m staying busy, and that was the goal! I can’t wait to put together events that all the St. Louis Mom families can enjoy. I love marketing the great programs and events run by the Parks and Recreation Department for the City of Wentzville. It’s the best of both worlds – genuinely.


Coming into another fall season, I have now experienced all four seasons here, and I still have to say that the end of summer/start of autumn is still my favorite. The temps dip just enough that I feel comfortable, my kiddo loves running around without needing to remember a sweater, and lighting my scented candles doesn’t make the house too warm. That’s a win for me.


When we were living in Southern California, we didn’t make it to any baseball games. I can happily say being here, I’ve seen at least two games, and that makes my baseball-loving soul so, so thrilled. (It helps that the Cardinals won both games I attended, too!) The huge stadium, the ballpark food, the giveaways, the celebrating. I’m here for all of it.



Our kiddo has adjusted to her new school and routine pretty well – and as a mom, I was the most worried about how she was going to do in such a new area after virtual schooling for the last year. She likes all of her teachers and gives me the full report of the day’s activities as soon as she gets in the car. She has made so many new friends that I can’t keep all of their names straight. Sleepovers are a huge highlight for her, homework a little less so, but isn’t that how it is for every kid at 9?


Making connections and making friends has been the name of the game since moving here. We knew it would take time to add to our group of friends. I think I knew five people total the first couple of months we were here. Now I have a whole group of shoulders I know I can lean on if needed. My whole family unit feels connected in some way or another to our community and our jobs. It really just completes the whole picture. 


To think, one year ago, we were packing up in the heat of a Southern California faux autumn and now look at us. Settled into a Saint Louis suburb, still checking boxes off of the first year’s accomplishments. We can’t wait to see what comes next for us here in the STL.💛



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