Setting Goals in 2021 :: July is the New January


I have the hardest time getting my head focused on goals and forward-thinking in January. Maybe it’s the post-holiday slump or the ick weather, but January always feels like a one-day-at-a-time pace where I’m just trying to keep it together. To be fair, a lot of days feel like this all year round, but when warmer months hit, the days are longer, and I can begin to focus a bit more on what’s ahead.


a 2021 chalkboard calendar with the month of July circled in chalk


Last July, I wrote a post that reflected back on the first half of 2020 and challenged me (us) to look ahead to the second half of the year, despite the world being flipped upside-down. I’m back again at this mid-year point and here to make a bold declaration: July is the new January. Who’s with me?


That said, I wanted to share my outlook and goals for the next six months in hopes that it might inspire you or remind you to check in with yourself on what’s next for your 2021. Here are my top 3 priorities:


a group of adults with numbers on their shirts, running a race

  1. Run a really, really solid 5k in October. I put running on the back burner during my post-partum recovery the past 14 months due to challenges with milk duct clogs every time I would hit the pavement. So, I turned to training with Peloton, which I LOVE, but I’m ready to get my sneaks back on and get miles under my feet. The good news is that after 12 months of consistent spinning, I’m in pretty good running shape … and have challenged myself to be faster and stronger than ever this October. I am so excited to put in the work and see my results when I cross the finish line.
  2. Build better boundaries … and make them known. At one point in the first half of the year, I had visions of myself sitting alone in a canoe. The canoe had holes, and water was coming through so fast. I was plugging the holes as fast as I could, but more holes kept opening up, and water was coming in—  I was going under. I could see the shore and could totally jump out of the canoe and save myself. But I kept sitting in the broken canoe, plugging the holes, and it kept sinking. This was a clear signal to me that I was having some challenges with boundaries and prioritizing what’s important. I’m working on stopping the water from overflowing my canoe and, if necessary, jumping to shore by reaching out and asking for help. Easier said than done!a sticky note on a wooden table that says, “make an appointment"
  3. Get checked by professionals. Sure, I have a great fitness regimen in place, but I have completely neglected my overall health via regular consults with professionals. I haven’t been to a dentist since before the pandemic, and I haven’t had a primary care visit in … years. I now have appointments scheduled in July with both a new PCP and dentist and plan to get back on track to ensure I’m in good overall health and can keep powering forward.


That’s it! 3 simple (ish) goals I’m going to focus on through the end of 2021 that I hope will make big, lasting impacts. I invite anyone to jump on my new mid-year trend if it feels right to check in with yourself!