Peloton is For Every Body (Even if You Don’t Own a Bike)


Last year, I joined a cult, and mentally and physically, I’ll never be the same. It’s a relatively new phenomenon, or shall I say revolution. I joined Peloton. I’ll be the first to admit I was skeptical. I had never even been on a Peloton, let alone taken a spin class, but with rave reviews and such a devoted following, I had to see what the fuss was about. To my surprise, Peloton turned out to be so much more than a bike. In fact, it’s revolutionizing the way the world views, interacts, and connects with fitness.

a close up of a woman on a spinning bike, similar to a Peloton
Don’t be turned off by the high price tag you may have heard (the bike is nearly $2K, and the treadmill is close to $4K); it’s actually more accessible than you think. With the launch of Peloton Digital in 2018 (the mobile app for Apple and Android at $12.99 a month) users have access to over 20 hours of fresh fitness content to choose from daily. Today, I’m diving into the reasons why Peloton is more accessible than you think (even if you don’t own a bike or like spinning).

5 Reasons To Check Out Peloton Digital 

1. You don’t actually need a Peloton branded bike. Really. Of course, they’d love you to purchase a bike or treadmill for the full studio experience-which is absolutely unmatched-if you’re into spinning, but it is certainly not a requirement. Adding an internet-connected tablet with the Peloton app turns any stationary bike into a sweat machine guided by the world’s top instructors. Also, not required? Having an interest in spinning, which leads nicely into reason #2 to check out Peloton.

2. Peloton offers 33 different bike-free or “off the bike” classes and modalities. In other words, Peloton is so much more than cycling. From stretching to meditation, weight lifting, outdoor walking running, and even dance cardio, there is literally something for everyone. There’s a reason Peloton is referred to as the “Netflix of at-home fitness.” With more than 20 hours of live-streamed content delivered daily and thousands of on-demand classes available, users can choose their own (fitness) adventure. Choose from 10-minute abs and arms classes to 45-minute meditations, low-intensity walking, running, and cycling to all-out max interval training (called Tabata if you’re curious!). And with music genres and themed rides and workouts ranging from country to rap and everything in between, there is no shortage of tunes.

3. Peloton classes are accessible for any fitness level. Whether you’re a pro-cyclist or looking to drop a few pounds postpartum, there’s a workout for you. If you’re into spinning, the low impact, low-intensity classes are fantastic. If walking is more your speed, the outdoor classes feature a coach in your ear coaching you through fun walks, intervals, or race training if that’s your speed. And with over 34 Peloton instructors, all walks of life are represented. From pro cyclist to home, exerciser turned instructor, their personal stories and backgrounds will motivate and challenge you to be the best version of yourself.a woman riding a spinning bike

4. You can take Peloton anywhere. Although there’s not much traveling like in the old days (pre coronavirus), with the Peloton Digital app, any device with an internet connection turns your space into a virtual gym. Home exercise equipment is certainly not a new concept, but Peloton changed how we engage and interact with it. Classes can be pre-loaded on your phone if you’ll be out of wifi connectivity, so no matter where you are, you can gain access.

5. The Peloton Community is unmatched. Perhaps what sets Peloton apart from any of its competitors is the community. Whether you’re more of a social media guru and prefer Instagram and Facebook, countless groups abound. Within the Peloton app or on the bike or tread, users can “work out alongside” friends, follow like-minded people, and join challenges. The metrics on the app are unmatched, as more than $500 million was invested in creating their integrative experience. Users can send virtual “high fives” to other riders or exercisers within any workout, and during live bike rides and classes, instructors shout out users who have hit milestones like their first workout, a century ride (completing 100) rides and beyond.

With more than 2 million users (or athletes as they’re often referred), Peloton walks the walk. They have their sights on completely transforming the fitness industry and aim to reach 100 million. If you’re curious about the community, the bike, the classes, or the experience, I implore you not to dismiss it or be turned off merely by the price tag of the equipment (which you don’t need to get the benefits of Peloton!). With Peloton Digital, the mobile app for Apple and Android at $12.99/month, users have complete access to the live and on-demand fitness classes bringing a spin, personal training, or yoga studio all at your fingertips- at home.

So, if you ask me, Peloton is all that and a bag of potato chips (brb, going to go sweat now)!

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