International Cochlear Implant Day: A Day for Hearing


February 25th is International Cochlear Implant Day.


A clock ticking.
Leaves crunching.
Rain pattering.
Birds chirping.
Normal day-to-day sounds.

Sounds I never heard … for 29 years.

My newborn son crying.
My newborn son cooing.
My son’s first word.

Sounds I didn’t hear … for his first year of life.

I missed out on those moments. Those sounds.

a close up of a cochlear implant on a woman’s ear

February 25th is International Cochlear Implant Day. A day that is close to my heart. Not only for myself, but for my dad, my sister, and one day … possibly for my son.


I use this day to hear.

Hearing my toddler tell me about his day.
Hearing my toddler ask to build a mile-long Hot Wheels track.
Hearing my toddler make monster truck sound effects.
Hearing my (second born) newborn cry.
Hearing my newborn say “goo.”
Hearing my family say, “I love you.”
Hearing sounds that most take for granted.


Finally, just like any day …

I use this day to advocate.


Communication Tips:

1. Face the person.
2. Make eye contact.
3. Speak clearly.
4. Don’t get annoyed or upset when we ask “what” two or three times.


My favorite internet resources:

1. Cochlear Americas
2. HLAA: Hearing Loss Association of America
3. ACI Alliance: American Cochlear Implant Alliance
4. A.G. Bell: Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
5. ASHA: American Speech-Language-Hearing Association


Educational videos:

1. Hearing loss simulator
2. Cochlear implant surgery animation 
3. How it works


Children’s books to add to your bookshelf:

1. Ada and the Helpers
2. Mila gets her Super Ears
3. El Deafo (comic book style)
4. Mighty Mila


And, lastly…


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Happy Hearing!